Sale: Select Programmed Moldavite and Auralite 23

Programmed moldavite and auralite 23 are two high-vibrating crystals I use daily to keep myself centered and focused. They help me remember what’s really important to me and what I’m about, instead of getting distracted in threads of negativity that periodically assert themselves inside me.

Through the end of Sunday, February 4, 2018 I’m offering 15% off the larger moldavite pieces and 20% off the larger auralite 23 pieces on my site. (Subscribers to my monthly service: This is not in addition to your perk rate of 25% off most crystals.)

We’re in the solar month of Aquarius, and more objectivity and clarity are key to Aquarian processes. The originality and individuation that can be developed through Aquarian placements and during Aquarian transits requires objective analysis and logical choices. Getting some space from inner critics’ voices is important for success in this sign.

Moldavite has a reputation for being a serious and potent transformer, launching you with oomph into your next evolutionary phase. It alters the shape of your consciousness and energy field, allowing you to train yourself over time to let go of negativity. When you use it, those parts of you just won’t seem to be there. (When you put it down, they can come back, and in those moments I immediately go to auralite 23! The retraining into optimism, strength, and looking ahead with confidence can take some time with deep-seated parts of self.)

That my moldavite is energetically programmed means this process is boosted. It will indefinitely give off an empowering charge that helps you see the difference between low and high vibrations. The more you use it, the less you’ll be able to engage with habits, thoughts, situations, and others that vibrate in ways that are … less than high and empowering.

Auralite 23 will connect you to your higher self, which in my experience happens as helping me see objectively negativity and … “attitude issues” in me that I might normally identify with that drag me down. I hear the critical voice in my head, but I know it’s not me. This for me is a life saver! I no longer believe that my critical voice is who I am or who I have to or need to be – it’s simply part of my mental self, and I don’t need to feed it too much or let it take over.

As I hear it and learn to cease identifying with (and believing) it, I generate much less stress for myself and others in my life.

As stated, I use these two daily. I have two of each kind with me just about always. Currently I sleep while holding the moldavite to stay in a life-affirming, positive space, as around bedtime when I begin to relax is when “the voices” in my mind start up. Reviewing my day seems to them an invitation to bring forward their commentary on all the details of the day. And if I at all start to believe any of them, I put the moldavite down and reach for the auralite 23 right away.

It’s been a great way to establish a new baseline for my psychological and emotional states, as it’s important for me to focus on how I can get the tools and teachings I develop out to people. It’s not important to me to focus on what seems to go wrong or how unsatisfied some part of me is with something random in my life.

On the page for each crystal linked above I have more info, and a few months ago I recorded a video comparing these two programmed crystals. As always, if you get one from me, I offer ongoing email support – you can ask me questions and compare notes with your experience.

Oh, one note on the video: Over the last few years I’ve put programmed auralite 23 in water and had fantastic results disconnecting from the negative and unhappy voices within me – the feeling of it coming from the inside out is, honestly, amazing. And I’ve watched others experience their internal critics stuck on loops immediately silence with one sip of auralite 23 water.

Yes as auralite 23 has metals in it, don’t soak it in the water for long in case some of those metals might leach into the water after a while. A second or two of the crystal plopped in a glass of water is enough for the energetic charge to transfer.