New Programmed Larimar Bracelet

I’ve just posted a new programmed larimar bracelet. It joins the two programmed pendants I’ve wrapped in sterling silver wire.

My larimar will connect you directly to what you think, believe, choose, and do that isn’t grounded in truth. With regular use, you’ll catch yourself before you say or do something that’s not in your highest good.

It’s a 5th-chakra stone, and that’s the energy center in your throat that you use either to align your egoic self with a higher truth or try to control yourself into stressful unhappiness because you refuse to do so.

In my experience, this is also the channeling chakra. If you can surrender your ego to serve something bigger than you – in my case, to be able to be of service to clients and students if I can – then your egoic self is not controlling you, and you can connect to higher levels of truth beyond what your mind works with.

I use programmed larimar for a long time each time I talked with clients, taught, and channeled any being. I took a couple of months off recently to test the effects of not using it, and unhealthy beliefs began to creep back in. So, they’re back with me daily.

Essentially, I use larimar to keep myself honest. I mean that when using it, I have to ask myself if it is honest to believe that life isn’t supportive? My brain occasionally says “yes,” but the high-vibrating answer is “no.” Using larimar helps me keep on top of what various parts of me believe and helps me keep focused on the vibrations I want to align with.

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