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While crystals and gemstones (and rocks, even!) naturally can affect the human energy field, I energetically program them toward specific healing, balancing, and consciousness-raising ends.

Currently I offer 16 kinds, ranging from grounding stones (tiger iron) to those that will help you face and transform fear, guilt, shame, and grief (onyx); from those that will open your heart and help you release stuck, stagnant emotions (amethyst and pink opal) to those that will soothe frayed nerves (serpentine), connect to your higher self (auralite 23), and step into your next phase of life with courage and optimism (moldavite).

I also have some that teach you healthy energetic and emotional boundaries, so you can cease picking up what others are carrying and learn to clear yourself out (red jasper), setting you up for healthier relationships without verging into codependency.

What I offer covers all 7 major energy centers (chakras), and a few of them connect all 7 together.

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Be in touch if you’d like a suggestion about how to help and resolve your own issue–I do prescriptions with your guides when you send me a couple of sentences on what’s going on.

I have a YouTube playlist covering most of what I offer, and see SoundCloud for audio.