1 or 2 Question Prerecorded MP3 Readings

On a trial basis through the end of January 2019, I’m offering 15-minute mp3 (prerecorded) readings to answer a question or two. I do not do any kind of predictions (what will happen with this or that situation) or timing (when you should start a business or sell a house, etc.). My work is about helping you understand yourself and your life better, including how you’re wired, why patterns persist in your life, and how you can learn to come out of judging or being hard on yourself.

These readings are meant to offer insight into how to understand and live with a transit or progression, or how to understand a particular feature of your chart (both karmic story elements and other features like grand trines, retrogrades, stellia, etc.).

Kinds of questions/requests that will work:

  • I’ve always wondered what my Chiron (or Lilith, Nessus, Lucifer, Vesta, Ceres, Mars-Pluto conjunction, North Node, etc.) is about.
  • WTF with this Pluto (or Uranus, Neptune, etc.) transit?!? How can I not lose my mind?
  • What will the upcoming Saturn (or Neptune, Pluto, etc.) transit to my Moon (or Sun, Mercury, etc.) ask of me/challenge me to do?
  • AstroCartoGraphy: I’d like to know what might come up for me if I move to this or that place. (One or two places are okay–much more detail is given with one place.)
  • I’d like a quick and dirty solar return reading.
  • What does my stellium mean? (A stellium is a grouping of 3 or more planets in the same sign or house, or both.)
  • Can you explain my 8th (or 12th, 6th, 11th, etc.) house to me?

15 minutes, $25 through January ($38 after). Order using PayPal here or contact me if you prefer another form of payment. Then email me your birth data, spelling out the month, with your question.