Lucifer Webinar Open to 4 Attendees: Weds., March 20, 2019

Watch the 63-minute For the Love of God: Lucifer Webinar video (above) as the introduction or Part 1, and then join in this unique 1-off webinar for Part 2 wherein I’ll explain the meaning of the asteroid Lucifer (1930) in your chart and life.

The themes of ego development and alignment, and being of service as well as rebellion and breaking away from norms, are explored in detail in the YouTube video.

My Lucifer teaching does not begin with an assumption of evil, and I don’t sensationalize and sexify being bad. My Lucifer teaching is to help you understand more about healthy individuation and moving into a self-loving, self-respecting mode wherein you tap into the divine part of your psyche that causes you to doubt when doubt is necessary for your own development and sanity.

In the webinar on Weds., March 20, 2019 from 6-8 PM Pacific time, I’ll do minireadings for all 4 attendees to bring the teaching to life. I’ll explain how to use this energy in healthy ways and move away from fearing that you have–and might use–ego.

Read the full details and sign up here.