Stop Cutting Cords

When it’s time for a relationship to end, or when we need to move on from a past relationship, we’re often taught to cut cords. It’s a prevalent teaching that many employ frequently in attempts to move on.

But, and this is key: The relationship was with you so that you could learn something you needed to learn. And that person was in your life because your soul needed someone to activate the parts of you that person activated.

Cutting cords brings in a violence that doesn’t honor the loving intentions of souls as they form human relationships with each other. Cutting cords complicates moving on by compromising the integrity of your energy field by choosing something other than love.

Yes, we need to clear our energies and move on, but we have to do so with gratitude or we’ll generate negative energy that serves no one.

I’ve been taught a healthy process for cleaning up these connections by Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). It is respectful and clean, and doesn’t push, shove, or banish anything or anyone – there’s absolutely no violence in it whatsoever. It begins with a grounded, loving recognition that people are in our lives for good reasons, and also that there are times when we must move on.

It’s contained in Release: A Course for Healing that I’ve channeled from Djehuty. It’s a self-guided process that will get you into your heart to forgive self and other and clean up energetic connections from which you need to move on.

Doing this process does not end existing relationships. In fact, I recommend it for everyone in and out of relationship to learn better energetic and emotional boundaries. You can use it to learn about and shed your expectations and projections, making it a powerful teaching to memorize and use often.

Release: A Course for Healing comprises:

  • A 40-page channeled PDF from Djehuty explaining the processes
  • Questions for you to work with to unlock potential blocks to healing
  • 3 channeled meditations, one for each of the 3 modules: Self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others, and giving and taking back energy

You’ll work at your own pace, taking as much time as you need to adjust to the high level of truth in the teachings. You move on through the 6 teachings when the time is right for you.

Read more and order here.

This course helps people learn the higher purpose of their relationships and provides tools to use as often as you like to clean things up.

Forget the violence of cutting cords and embrace a compassionate, gentle process.

There’s no need to defend, regret, shame, guilt, or doubt self or other.

All of your relationships have happened for good reasons, and this course will teach you how to embody gratitude for this truth and honor those who’ve been in your life.

My energetically programmed red jasper will help you learn to clear others’ energies from your field, too. It’s infused with energy to open, stabilize, and clear your 2nd chakra so you don’t have to feel defensive but can gracefully and with confidence choose to say “yes, please” and “no, thank you” when you mean it. See available pieces here.