Living in the Present Tense

Moving away from pasts beliefs, perceptions, and hurts is paramount to getting present. There are so many ways to do this, but all involve facing, understanding, and making peace with the past.

My Living in the Present Tense Natal Report is actually a home-study healing course. It describes 4 kinds of energetic/emotional debris that each of us can accumulate and reframes the Pluto, Chiron, Lilith, and Lucifer archetypes in the process.

The whole thing starts with a teaching on the end of the Mayan Calendar, known usually as 2012, as the starting place of a long process we’re in now to learn more about ourselves as energetic beings. My work in this area began as channeling Hermes (a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) about how to work with emotions and energies in new ways now that the energetic landscape on Earth has changed so much.

Have you noticed things accelerating? Have you noticed the happy and unhappy manifest in front of you and others much more quickly than before?  Have you noticed that the most intense emotional material in you can no longer be denied and demands your full attention? All of these situations are related to the new era we’re in that began at the end of the Mayan Calendar a few years ago.

With essays on how to live these four parts of your psyche in healthy ways and questions for reflection following each section, this report is unique as a journey into some misunderstood and maligned archetypes.

Questions for Reflection:
From Pluto in Libra (2 of 6):

  1. When your boundaries are crossed, what do you think it means about you?
  2. When you run into people who don’t listen to you, what feelings come up? How do you react? What do you think it means about you?

From Chiron in Aries (2 of 6):

  1. In what ways do you edit your expression of will?
  2. What do you think about people who go for what they truly want? What about those who seemingly will stop at nothing to get it?

From Lucifer in Sagittarius (part of 1 of 4):

  1. What is it about belief that triggers your voice of doubt? What is it about a free and open exploration of ideas and belief systems that you edit? Does hearing about what others believe trigger your doubt about the worth of believing anything?

What readers say:

Absolutely AMAZING report, Tom! I had to repeatedly laugh at how uncanny it was. Spot ON. Something to read often and work with over time, that’s for sure. Thanks so much!
E., Tucson, AZ

Devoured it with great interest. Beautifully written – really gets to the nuts and bolts of things and speaks to the issues that keep dogging me. The questions are great, a wonderful way to really nail the defenses. So lots to work with. Many thanks.
B., New York, NY

Bingo, Tom…right on the mark. Thank you so much – all of the information is so valuable. I’ve highlighted and marked the whole thing…
T., Texas

Thank you for your commitment to heal the planet with these great insights and teachings.
S., Los Angeles