Clear Your Energy Field: A Mediumship Note

The other day, a new coaching client came to her call with me with a lot of difficulty. She felt unclear and full of stress, and I could tell she was clogged up with others’ energies.

At the end of the previous call I’d emphasized the grounding process I teach, and she understood the importance of it. But at times it’s been hard to do it and stay centered, so I knew other things were going on.

In ongoing coaching work, I look at various levels in your field and consciousness. This includes the energies of loved ones past and present, your inner-children issues if any, other-life emotions and beliefs (when wrapped up together as they always are it’s karma), and more.

Some of that more can be spirits of deceased people you either do or do not know who might be following you around for some reason. This was the layer to work with to help that client on the recent call.

She had the spirits of 3 deceased people following her around. Two of them were actively feeding off her energy and nudging her with negativity, prodding her to judge herself for many things. She does have Pluto in Virgo, so we know she may tend through habit toward that anyway, but they were making it worse to give them a sense of security and safety (even if it’s awful, we seek what’s familiar and what matches our predominant vibration).

As I opened my view to that kind of frequency (unprocessed dead people–those who have not crossed over and shed their human pain/judgment), I saw the three beings. One of them wanted quickly to leave, and I told him I was not judging him and said he didn’t have to run off, so he paused. He seemed accustomed to being pushed out and not being welcome.

I explained to him that whatever he was judging himself for could be released. He knew he was dead, and so I showed him how to move on. He took it in but he didn’t leave right then, but he understood that it wasn’t okay to follow or stay with my client.

The other two had known each other during life. All 3 had issues with substances and/or addiction, and were feeding off the fear and self-judgment loop the client felt at times caught in. But these two had been separated when the woman died in a violent way. Years later, when the man passed away at a more advanced age, they found each other. (Meaning that she was hanging around their old haunts–likely even following him around until he died.)

The process of helping them shift out of being attached to her was longer and took more effort. Essentially, it’s not right to force spirits to leave, though it can be done. It’s energetically not clean, and doesn’t help anyone in the long run. It’s like meeting another’s fear with anger or violence.

Instead, I figure out a way to help that spirit release what her or him stuck in non-loving modes. Those feeling and thought patterns can make it impossible for the spirit to see that there’s another phase of existence that’s waiting. Crossing over, or going into the light, can only happen when the spirit is willing to release all the things that are not love and shift into loving states.

I fed into the client’s field Metatron energy to show my client what to hold onto and to show the two spirits a better way to vibrate. In the end, I was able to help them see how to separate from her and find their way to cross over.

The next day the client emailed to say she felt so much better and clear, and I could tell all three were still gone and wouldn’t come back. We’ll talk again soon, and I suspect that it may be a bit easier for her to ground and stay centered without that influx of negativity following her around.

In your process to clear your energy field and improve your life, consider it as a process with multiple steps:

  1. Get grounded. Will yourself to be in your body every day several times each day. Decide it’s safe to be in your body–daily several times each day. Get the free 13-minute grounding meditation (also linked from my homepage) to help with this.
  2. Use the Release Course to shift out of judgment of self and other to begin to raise your vibration. This process will help you learn to vibrate more lovingly and at higher frequency, which can sound vague until you actually learn to do it. But choosing to release judgments of various kinds using this channeled course will help tremendously.
  3. Consider energy work sessions to clear anything else that needs to go. If there’s a bunch of past family energies stuck with you, or attached spirits or entities, or other-life emotions that need to be processed and released, we’ll take care of it.