Channeling Hermes: How will you interpret your history?

A brief channeled message from the ascended master I channel. For more, see the current thank-you 4-for-1 offer on energy work mp3s, the channeled books, and the channeled audio offerings.

This is Hermes, a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth. St. Germain, and Merlin. I write today to ask you this important question to put light on certain habits and thought processes you might slip into because of your conditioning over millennia about who’s in charge of your life. If you are to grow and evolve during this moment of Earth history through which you are living, you must have a perspective on your life history that leaves the interpretation door open to empowerment. I don’t mean mere optimism, which can be cheap in that you can grasp for it when you don’t know what else to do, but empowerment, which is an important process that involves an optimistic view.

All of my teachings for you are based in the truth that every human is an expression of soul, which is a portion of God/Goddess, Divine Intelligence, et al. I often like to use the phrase All That Is to cover this, because all the souls together comprise all the consciousness there is, and I like for you to have the image of that totality and that you are part of it.

A soul incarnates as a human in order to learn what it means to do so, what it feels like to do so, and what it seems to cost to do so. Each of you is a portion of the Divine, but as you are born you forget this. Some of you remember during your incarnated lives and others do not, but all of you naturally, innately have a craving to know that you are part of something bigger than yourself, that you belong in this universe, and that you matter and are worth keeping safe—worth loving.

So you are working through these human lives in order to learn what it means and seems to cost to do so. I want for you to be clear on a most important point: Hardship, pain, guilt, fear, and other negative frequencies or energies are part and parcel of the experience of being incarnated on Earth, and it is important that you cease choosing to feel disempowered because you feel them. This is the core message I am sharing with you today, so that you can see a new way to interpret what has happened to you and why it has.

Your soul knows that part of your learning as a human will involve pain, fear, loss, etc. You’re not being punished when you feel such things, and you’re not doing it wrong that these things are part of your life. If you interpret your life history as a series of punishments, then you surely create such a sorrow and sense of invalidation for yourself that will make you suffer immensely.

But if you can see that your soul knows that pain is part of the human process, then you can be willing to see that your pain is part of your human living, the learning of a soul what it looks like, feels like, seems to mean, and seems to cost to live a life on Earth.

It is true that you are creating your reality by your beliefs and thoughts. And also you are doing so through your vibrations and feelings, which we can group together as energies you carry and broadcast. And so I want you realize always that your conscious energies vibrate and manifest your life into being around you, but also your unconscious energies vibrate, too. They are just as powerful as the conscious kind, and at times due to the nature of the unconscious content and the emotional impact of some deep experiences that are vibrating seriously that they need resolution, sometimes they vibrate in ways that seem stronger than your conscious choices.

And so I am inviting you to be willing to see the difficulties in your life history as there for a reason, and it is never so that you suffer, or don’t deserve support, safety, or love. It is never for the reason that you’re not good enough or made a mistake, or that others deserve good things and you deserve the pain of what has happened. The reason is absolutely not ever that someone else is better than you or that you are less than someone else, or that you’re getting what’s coming to you.

I am asking you to be willing to take a most important episode from your life history and endeavor to see it as a part of your learning journey, as something your soul set out for you in order for it to learn what it’s like to be human. What does it make you feel? Have you felt stuck in the pain, sorrow, anger, etc. of it? Realize that dealing with these feelings is a major element of why it has been in your life in the first place. The learning comes through processing the feelings associated with painful experiences.

All possible kinds of experiences are required by soul along this learning path, including the painful ones. Your soul has no specific interest in you being hurt or feeling pain, but knows it is part of the process it has come here to learn. And what is this process? Let me be clear: Your soul has been born as you in order to explore many possibilities about what it will take for you to be willing to go from making choices inspired by fear (and all its parallels) into choices inspired by love (and all its parallels).

Always your soul is wondering what it will take for you as a human to be willing to learn to become the source of validation, recognition, support, acceptance, compassion, and love for yourself. This is the core of every human journey, and stepping into, or being nudged, pushed, or shoved into pain and its related energies is a necessary part of challenging you to learn to bring love to fear, or learning to become the source of love for yourself.

Your life history is a record of the learning situations you’ve created and cocreated along this learning journey. Will you let yourself be a work in progress, learning as you go? Will you take all the painful things and accept them as lessons about the cost of choosing to embrace pain as self-defining (so that you ultimately can choose to transform it through self-acceptance, compassion, and self-validation)?

In other words, are you willing to interpret the most difficult aspects of your life history as the needed course work for you to learn more about becoming loving?

Thank you.

For more, see the current thank-you 4-for-1 offer on energy work mp3s, the channeled books, and the channeled audio offerings.