Cerealia 2020 Registration Now Open–Course Begins April 19, 2020

This is the 2nd year for Cerealia, a festival of Ceres to help you learn more about healthy versions of care and love.

I began this last year to put attention on the importance of this archetype that seems to be about mothering. In fact, it’s about care, nurture, protection, feeding, providing, and mentoring.

Ceres was upgraded by the IAU in 2006 from asteroid to dwarf planet, marking the beginning of an era which asks us to pay more attention to this archetype within us.

As spiritual evolution calls on us to learn more about love, Cerealia is a chance to work with channeled material to get to the heart of what you were taught when young about love and care–and begin to unwind patterns and beliefs that don’t serve you.

7 channeled modules over two weeks will take you into this terrain. Questions for reflection from Hermes/Djehuty follow each module. I recommend you journal your answers. After the two weeks are done, I’ll host some optional debrief calls to share notes and answer any questions you might have about the process.

You’ll also work with four channeled meditations I brought through specifically for Cerealia, totaling 70 minutes. Use them at will during the two weeks to help recenter and clear your field.

Read all the details and sign up here. If you opt for the Ceres 20-min. mp3 minireading on your own Ceres configuration, registration is due April 12. If you want to do the channeled material/process without the minireading, registration is open until April 18. The first materials are sent on April 19.