Living in the Present Tense Report: “I am inspired … to be alive and participate.”

From a reader of her Living in the Present Tense Natal Report:

I am reading it the third time. And the gratitude just pours out of me. I want to say THANK YOU. Honestly. The way you see things and how you bring the essence of each human being is just fascinating. How you explain the trauma and ways to deal with it. Is just beautiful!

I am on the peak of my emotion, but I mean every word.

I am inspired to do my work and to be an example for others. To be alive and participate.
E., Vilnius, Lithuania

The report has essays on four archetypes–Pluto, Chiron, true Black Moon Lilith, and asteroid Lucifer (1930)–and includes a section on each house and sign of those bodies.

Each house and sign section is followed by questions for reflection to put you in touch with how the energy works in your life and uncover deeper layers. The idea is that you will journal about what comes up for you as you read the report, getting in touch with what different parts of you have to say about these energies and emotions in your experience.

My focus in the report is on emotional healing, as 2012/the end of the Mayan Calendar marked the beginning of a process for us to learn more about ourselves as energetic beings, which is to say emotional beings.

Read all the details and other testimonials, and order, here. Allow a week for email delivery as a PDF document.

While I do offer Chiron and Lilith natal reports separately, those have particular focus on those energies. This report was written at a different time and with different emphasis, so it will have some overlap but will contain a lot of new info, too, even if you have my other natal reports.