Programmed Onyx for Empowerment

In the past, I’ve taught about my programmed onyx in terms of healing trauma and learning to move beyond identities based in trauma.

These days I’m using it in my own life to, so to speak, coach parts of me into giving up their disempowered ideas about themselves … but I mean me.

My energetically-infused, or programmed, onyx pieces can unearth old wounds, grief, and trauma while sending in empowering energy to help you deal effectively, and in a conscious way, with the parts of you defined by past experience.

So, if you need to unearth some painful thing, an onyx will be good for you. If you have something already unearthed and need to recenter yourself and coach parts of you back to strength, same.

Each is programmed with Archangel Metatron’s energy. Metatron is a powerful figure focused on helping humans learn to live in alignment with uncompromising integrity. If a person makes a choice from a place of pain (or guilt, shame, anger, or self-doubt or -judgment), that person may “leak” a bit of energy.

Building our lives through consciously, intentionally making self-respecting choices is how we can stop these leaks and, in fact, build strength and confidence. My onyx with the energy of Metatron can help you build self-respect and self-care choice by choice, helping you to see which option in front of you helps you like and respect yourself more than the others.

For a long time I used programmed onyx sparingly, as I had some intense emotional issues that had not been yet unearthed. The result was that handling them or carrying one began pulling the old pain to the surface, and I wasn’t ready.

Those who know me know that I’m already fairly Plutonian, but even some of the other-life grief was for a while too Plutonian for me.

Now that two issues that were buried are now on the surface, I’m using the onyx to tap into Metatron’s energy to help rebuild things after getting into the depths of unhappy feelings from other-life grief (my major other-life stumbling block now).

From the standpoint of your soul, you’re a powerful being. As a human in many lives, you accumulate emotional and energetic residues from your experiences. Those that are defined by pain, grief, shame, etc., can make you feel like you’re not strong and confident, or somehow don’t deserve to give yourself permission to be strong and confident.

At any moment, if you’re willing to work with your emotions in grounded, intentional, compassionate ways, you can turn that around. Programmed onyx is one way to do that.