Programmed Crystals to Support the 3rd Chakra

As always, my programmed tiger iron is great for bringing energy down to your lower 3 chakras. This supports grounding and centering in your body, and taking the emphasis away from your mind/egoic self so you are more stable in your body.

More specifically for the 3rd chakra/solar plexus, or personal power center, I offer two others.

My yellow jasper is programmed with Archangel Metatron’s transformative energy. Metatron is focused on uncompromising self-respect, and offers us the chance to evaluate our beliefs and choices that leak energy, or create a lack of self-respect.

M. teaches that each of us is powerful, yet our relationship with our perceptions of what power is are imbalanced. When we see that every choice we make can either create or leak self-respect/personal power, then we can see how to build what true, lasting power is as a spiritual being having a human experience.

These pieces will send M.’s energy to your 3rd chakra and help you root out sources/causes of self-doubt, self-judgment, guilt, shame, and other energies and emotions that might keep you from having a positive self-image.

I recommend getting four of the small tumbled pieces. First to have one to hold in each hand to create a circuit through your body (increasing the effects). After you get used to the energy, use the other two to raise the amount of energy flowing into your body for deeper clearing and calibration.

Labradorite activates the 6th chakra, the seat of both the logical mind and imagination.

The programmed labradorite I offer is infused with energy to pull energy from your 6th chakra to your 3rd chakra. This grounds your mind and logical self, allowing the two sides of your brain to come into more balance.

One effect is that the stress we typically live with due to mental stress is reduced. At the same time, intuition has more room to unfold and participate in your day-to-day life.

I often use programmed labradorite to get answers about where patterns in my life come from. My logical mind can stress over annoyances that recur, so I use this infused stone to get both parts of my brain working at their own pace. In a moment or a few days, I have answers. For me, this has been an incredible stress reliever.

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