Higher Self Protocol: Learning to Open to and Communicate with Spirit Guides

Spirit guides operate only over loving frequencies.

When we learn to understand not-loving energies within us (fear, pain, guilt, shame, regret, self-doubt, etc.) while embracing and aligning with loving energies, we can learn to open to and connect with our guides.

Our channels open with love, yet we also need to make peace with and transform our portions of not-love.

This course will teach you essential emotional and energetic management skills as you learn to deal with blocks to love, which can close you to guidance.

I’ll share with you all I have learned and channeled about raising your vibration and developing clarity along your spiritual path.

It’s about guides, yes, but it’s about your health and happiness, and your empowerment as a human living in a world where true loving empowerment is not the norm.

The next opportunity is 9 Saturdays beginning August 14, 2021, and one spot is open for that class.

I’ve set dates for the next one, too: 9 Sundays beginning September 12, 2021.

Read all the details here, including about the prerequisites and required materials. (Factor in the Chakra Course and programmed crystals costs on top of the course fee.)

I love parting the veils of confusion about emotions and energy management, and also helping people understand what guides are and are not, and what they do and don’t do. Join me for a trip into self-understanding, learning more about your personal journey to empowerment, and finding clarity within!