Root Chakra Healing is Naturally an Ongoing Process

Your root chakra (a.k.a. 1st chakra) is the foundation of your entire life. It’s an energy center activated at birth, imprinted with what’s going on in your family system at that time.

From one vantage point, working with any issues arising from that imprint is a major point of your human life:

Your soul chooses a family/family environment to suit its learning journey.
You are imprinted at birth with thoughts, feelings, attitudes, energies, and more by that family.
Your learning journey as a human is in a self-validation that often requires healing imbalances from the imprint and learning to establish your own foundation for health and happiness.

So, your soul says to other souls in the conspiracy of love with you, “Please share these ways of living and feeling with me so I can learn to strengthen myself and learn to grow beyond their limitations.”

Every human is in this position! We love our families but our souls know we will need to address and change some things.

The root chakra takes much time to work through, even when you know what you’re doing. This is why I created The Chakra Course: To provide you perspectives and understanding about how to work with issues in any chakra at your own pace.

And even after you learn these perspectives and move through some things, you’ll be in time uncovering even more to work with. That humans are never done learning I see as a beautiful aspect of our experience here, though it can be challenging at times.

This week I stumbled across the original name of my great-grandfather (my mom’s dad’s dad), before it was changed when passing through Ellis Island after the trip from Lithuania. I’ve wondered and been bothered about it my whole life, and my mom didn’t know it. She thought no one knew it, but I stumbled across a genealogy site a distant cousin appears to have been working on.

As a result of his name being changed, his children had this made-up name. It was my grandmother’s married name and my mom’s maiden name.

Now, I’ve been working on root-chakra issues for years. Yet this has opened something up profound in me, and I’m kind of reeling from all it’s stirring. It’s brought up so much … and I teach all the time about the chakras and how to open, clear, and heal them.

So, a new challenge. A new opening. A new opportunity to come into balance in a new way.

We are always learning, always uncovering layers that reveal more about who we are and are becoming. With the root, it’s not just about where we come from and where we’re standing now, but learning to address our fundamental needs as humans.

Check out The Chakra Course to learn more about your process and learn to build security, sanity, and strength from the root up.