Loving Lilith: “Invaluable”, “Amazing”, “Profound”

My self-healing course Loving Lilith: An End to Shame is helping people unearth and unwind the buried energies from many lives that can create shame, abusive situations, and self-doubt.

The feedback below came in from a woman this week. My heart was warmed by reading it, as my Lilith work is central to my intentions to support people in deep, serious, meaningful, lasting self-awareness and healing.

I just felt inclined to offer some feedback to you regarding the Loving Lilith Self-Healing Course. It has been nothing short of invaluable to me so far. I bought it as a birthday present to myself last December and it’s taken me all this time to get to Module 6, Healing Sexual Violence, which for me at this time is a good place to pause.

I haven’t even finished it – but already it has helped me to finally leave an abusive relationship that was very hard to extract myself from, which has involved moving back in with my mother (a course of action I desperately resisted for about 2 years, due to the ordeal I had growing up here) and facing my father. Though deeply uncomfortable in many ways, a profound root chakra clearing and transformation is taking place with me being back in the home I grew up in ….

I still have a great deal of things to move through but the hardest is definitely over (leaving my son’s father and moving back to my mother) and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for you and your commitment to whatever process you must have undergone to be able to offer the profound healing tools that you did.

Especially useful has been the extended grounding meditation, which has proven absolutely amazing for helping me regain my equilibrium when things have got hairy. And when I say hairy, I mean really hairy …. I am amazed at how calm I have managed to remain throughout this narrow passage and those meditations have had a lot to do with it.

I just wanted to say this to you, because whilst I’m sure you know that your work is benefitting people, I just wanted to let you know exactly how it is directly impacting my life in a profound way!! And that of my gorgeous little son [name]. This stuff is doing absolute wonders for me and my family.
S., UK

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