Recently I was interviewed by about my work and approach to spirituality.

Sneak peak:

Q: Do you believe our souls dictate who we are and where we are going?

A: No they don’t. My model of soul that I have channeled through Hermes (a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin), is that a soul is part of divine consciousness and is aligned with love. However, it can not learn anything when it is in that alignment.

For All That Is or Goddess/God consciousness, the ultimate answer is compassion, acceptance and love. It partitions itself into discrete-seeming pieces, and this is a soul. The soul is in alignment with love always, becomes incarnated as you and me to learn, while embodied, how to become strong through becoming loving.

I believe a soul chooses a set of themes for each of its human incarnations, and they recur. Soul is watching what the human does, does not control anything, but has laid out a sort of terrain that the human will experience on this empowerment journey to becoming loving and self validating, and therefore powerful.

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