Higher Self Protocol beginning Jan. 8, 2022: “The best investment I’ve made in my own well-being in a very long time.”

I received the following from J. in Illinois after she finished her 9-week Higher Self Protocol course last night:

If you’re ready to release old patterns and move into a more grounded, healthy, self-aware state while also learning to perceive information from spirit guides, Tom Jacobs is a wonderful teacher for this work. His approach is gentle yet challenging and will open your eyes to things you didn’t know about yourself and things you didn’t know about the spiritual world. The difficulty of the course is learning to get out of your own way, so if you are willing to work hard to observe and address the ways you may self-sabotage, you will have a new set of tools to use to consciously connect with yourself and with spirit at the end of this course. Personally, this course is the best investment I’ve made in my own well-being in a very long time and I now have the tools to consciously manage my intuitive gifts rather than feeling at the mercy of my sensitivities.
J., Illinois

To learn to work with spirit guides, I teach you to discern, ground, and shift fear, pain, guilt, shame, and other not-loving energies. Guides and other loving, helpful beings can’t get through to us when we vibrate not-loving energies, so I’ll teach you to change what you vibrate.

It’s an amazing process. I have the honor of guiding one small group at a time through the protocol, and the next opportunity is 9 Saturdays beginning January 8, 2022. Read all the details and register here.