The 2nd set of 31 channeled energy work mp3s is available

I’ve heard from hundreds of people that the set of 22 channeled energy work meditations I made available on a donation basis two years ago have changed their lives for the better.

Many use them every day to center, ground, and focus. Some use them to wake up, some to get to sleep. Many rely on them to clear out old energies, emotions, beliefs, and self-images that do not serve them. And others use them to clean up relationship and self-worth issues of all kinds.

The teachings of Hermes, a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin are powerful.
The transformative energy of Archangel Metatron in my voice on the recordings help you clear out unwanted, unneeded energies from your field and consciousness.

Now I’ve released another set of 31 to add to your rotations, so you can now work with 53 in your daily rotation or shuffle. They’re the same kind of meditations, and all around 20 minutes in duration, but a unique set.

This history of this project: In August of 2014 I offered daily 20-minute energy work meditation calls and recorded them, making 31 days/mp3s.

At the end of 31 days in a row I was really tired! I felt amazing, but wondered what it would be like to regroup and refocus and do a shorter number of days. In October that year (after taking a month off) I did another set of 22 daily energy work calls.

Many people have been working with the set of 22, the second round. The first set of 31 is just as good, so now all are available.

There’s a price of $33 for the 31 meditations, while the set of 22 remains available on a donation basis for the time being.

Channeled AudioCheck out all of my channeled audio, including longer mp3s to clear the energies of abuse, work with the emotions behind addictions, upgrade your consciousness by learning to do your own fragment retrieval, and more.