What Does Clearing Your Chakras Do?

Clearing Your Chakras

Imagine yourself in a movie theater. You don’t like what you see on the screen and want to change it. 

What do you do? Do you stand up and try and talk the characters into different actions? Do you grab spray paint and try to cover over the images? Or do you go back into the projector room and change out the film?

This example demonstrates the difference you make when you clear your chakras instead of trying to adjust the circumstances of your life one by one. Your chakras are projectors, and their blockages and areas of openness create the film. 

Just as light shines through film and projects images onto a screen, your vital energy flows through your chakra centers and ‘out pictures’ into your life as feelings, thoughts, and circumstances. 

Clearing your chakras is a powerful way to heal. It inevitably has a profound impact on your experience.

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Symptoms of Blocked Chakras

Here are a few symptoms you may experience when your chakras are blocked.

Root Chakra

Symptoms of a blocked root chakra include regular anxiety or fear. You may hesitate about moving forward in life. You may worry about security and strive for stability and security from outside of yourself. This can include making compromises that seem necessary for survival.

A healthy root chakra is essential to opening other energy centers.

Second Chakra (Sacral)

Your sacral chakra relates to how you experience emotions, creativity, and sexuality and can have a significant impact on how you relate with others. If your sacral chakra is inhibited, you may feel that your creativity is blocked. You may be emotionally volatile and constantly seeking validation or approval from the outside. An imbalance here can sometimes manifest sexually (inhibition, overactivity, or difficulty) or financially (overspending, not earning enough).

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)

Your third chakra is your seat of personal power and confidence. Blocks in your third chakra may ‘out picture’ as self-doubt. You may have difficulty making decisions because you are not connected with your sense of self and personal authority. You may feel the need to hide your authentic self. Frequent self-criticism or a lack of self-acceptance can also be a sign of imbalance in this area.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the largest energy center. It can create a field almost as large as your body and extend far beyond your skin when fully open and vibrant. The heart chakra is a center of inner truth and wordless knowing. 

The heart chakra relates to how we love ourselves and others. Empathy is also part of the heart chakra. When we forgive a past hurt and release ourselves from the bind it caused, our heart opens more. 

Blocks in your heart chakra may manifest as frequent anger or ongoing resentments about past mistreatment. You may fear heartbreak or betrayal to such a degree that it interferes with your ability to get close to people. Neediness, a desire to control the people around you, and codependency are signs of a blocked heart chakra.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the center of speaking your truth and being heard but also of hearing others. When your throat chakra is functioning optimally, you have no trouble expressing yourself, finding your voice, and singing the praises of yourself and others. 

You may be afraid to express yourself authentically with a blocked throat chakra. You may leave conversations with regret about what you did or did not say. You may find it hard to listen to others and be caught up in your inner dialogue or thoughts while others are talking.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is a center of perception and intuition that can help us glimpse beyond the physical forms and wisdom of this world to access higher insights and knowledge.

A blocked third eye chakra often manifests as a tendency to overthink things. You may get lost in confusing and circular thought patterns.

Other symptoms of a blocked third eye chakra include doubting that intuition exists or that you have it. If you are somewhat connected to your intuition, a blocked third eye can cause you to ignore or miss your intuition because it seems brief or distant, and you are not connected enough (yet) to trust it. 

Crown Chakra

As the doorway to the wisdom and guidance of your Higher Self, the crown chakra bridges your connection to wiser and more resourceful parts of you and universal consciousness.

Blocks in your crown chakra commonly result in the feeling that you have to navigate life alone. You may feel disconnected from any higher power and trapped in the limits of your mind, unable to access a broader viewpoint.

How Do I Know That Chakras Are Real?

Chakras are not some new-age invention. They are also not specific to India or Tibet. Chakras have been described and illustrated by clairvoyants throughout history and around the globe. To people who see them, they appear as whirling wheels of color, and their vitality corresponds to your health, balance, and abundance.

Even if you cannot clairvoyantly see your chakras, they are an integral part of your energy anatomy. You can feel or perceive them in different ways. 

In the higher centers, like your heart or third eye, you may feel expansive warmth as they open. You will likely feel more connected to love and be more open to insights. As your lower chakras clear and rebalance, you move more freely through life without the fear, anxiety, and contraction that limit many people.

When Chakras Are Out of Balance Due to Trauma

You may wonder why chakra balancing is important. If they are a natural part of your anatomy, why don’t they just function and support you? 

The answer relates to suppressed emotions and universal trauma. Our modern world is just now gaining the tools to process and heal our emotions. 

In the past, if you had a traumatic childhood or life, you would just live with the impact of those events as best you could. Some people would overcome the experiences and succeed in some areas of life despite the difficulties. Others would drown under the weight of their unprocessed thoughts and feelings. 

It was a sink or swim system, emotionally. Even those people who succeeded despite difficulty would unconsciously pass their trauma, emotional damage, or limiting beliefs on to their children or the people around them.

This world is rife with trauma. No one escapes without a little, even if it’s just people around you who project their expectations onto you and cannot see and support your highest self.

Balancing Your Chakras is Part of Realizing Your Potential

In a world that embodies the full knowledge of human potential, children would be encouraged to self-love, self-trust, authentic self-expression, and follow their own path from the beginning. Their interests would be encouraged, their personality quirks understood and accepted, and their desires heard as valid even if they could not be met at that moment.

Instead, children are expected to conform. People regularly give up their dreams, passions, and desires to be more acceptable or to survive. These compromises may have been necessary in the past, but today’s world is calling you forward to your potential. As your best and most authentic self, you can contribute in the best possible way.

In fact, the process of healing trauma and restoring vital energy flow through the seven chakra centers is a significant contribution to both your family and the world. It paves the way for others to heal and shine.

How to Heal Your Chakras

Now that you know why chakra balancing is important, you probably want to know how you can heal your chakras and reap all the leveraged benefits of these powerful energy centers. 

As you do, it’s essential to know that any approach you use will take time. In a similar way to how your body heals a cut or scratch, you will experience progressive improvement in layers.

Any deep healing work you do will benefit your chakras. Anything that helps you forgive, release trauma, and embrace your authenticity and personal power will improve the flow of vital energy through your chakras. This includes meditation (with or without crystals), deep bodywork like craniosacral or myofascial release, healing dance like open floor or five rhythms, some types of talk therapy, and whatever actually helps YOU transcend, transform, and integrate. 

As a complement to any of those techniques, the Chakra Course includes affirmations and channeled material targeted to balance and heal each chakra. You begin with the root chakra since that needs to be healed to facilitate the rest of your chakras to balance and open. From there, you move up through each center at your own pace. 

The Chakra Course is a great way to thoroughly address the chakras and areas of life where you’ve held more trauma and breeze through those where you are already clear. You can hear a sample of the course on YouTube, but if your intuition is nudging you to clear your chakras, don’t wait. Liberate your life force and enjoy the peace and freedom of being yourself.

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