New Service: Remote Group Energy Work With Metatron

This is a set of 5 energy work sessions using Archangel Metatron’s transformative energies.

I began doing evolutionary astrology readings in 2004, learned to channel spirit guides in 2005, learned to be a psychic medium in 2005-2006, and then began channeling the ascended master (Djehuty) directly around 2008.

Energy work on others using the Archangel Metatron’s frequencies I began in 2011. Since then, Metatron has supported me in learning more and better techniques of running and sharing his energy, which is enormous in its scope.

This current service is the best version of this work. It does not cost me too much energy and affect my health, which has been my goal for several years.

Who Can Benefit From This Type of Work
Those who:

  • Live on Earth.
  • Live in a body.
  • Need to manage stress, improve self-esteem, develop healthy boundaries, and more.

How It Works
After payment, within a few days, I’ll notify you the dates I’ll add you to the group.

We will not meet for live sessions. I will do the work at different times during a day. You will highly likely not know it is happening, so your capabilities will not be affected throughout the day. The nature of this level of energy work will show up subtly over the following few hours and days.

Ready to sign up?
Introductory price: $55 for 5 daily sessions (performed within a week). If you want to do another round, then come back for more. Use Square (credit card outside PayPal) here or request another form of payment (check, Venmo, PayPal).

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