Energy is Money is Energy Intro MP3

This unique 109-minute MP3 introduces my approach to working with energy, money, love, and transforming debt and opening to receive.

You may have heard that it’s your birth right to be abundant. Working with the teachings of Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin), we can see that human life is in fact about learning to process energy and emotion as each of us learns to become the source of love for ourselves, learning to embrace the true nature of soul, which is loving at its core.

So, then, when it comes to abundance–sure, you can choose that. And along the way, you have to deal with emotional/energetic debris from the past and present that keeps you from it.

This teaching helps you see how to identify blocks to giving and receiving in your life history that can create money issues. Part of this will include how willing you are to judge others and yourself, and if you have not yet learned to release past guilt, shame, regret, self-judgment, and self-doubt.

This MP3 is required if you would like to do a consultation or coaching focused on money issues. Get the mp3 if you think you’re interested, and then book an EME session or a coaching package to work on this energy in your life after you’ve processed the information in it.

Collected in this MP3 are the openings to four Energy is Money is Energy class calls taught in the Summer of 2012. They introduce the channeled perspectives and how I work with astrological birth charts to approach clients’ issues with debt, opening to receive, and in general flowing with life.

A listener says:
Helpful AF, THANKS!
H., Minnesota

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