K2 9mm bead bracelet


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9mm beads. Elastic band.

The blue or green blobs are azurite in a matrix of granite (plus feldspar, mica, and other things). Azurite as a mineral vibrates very highly and granite is solidly grounding. Some pieces also have a small amount of malachite mixed in, and there is a variety of K2 that has the green blobs of that mineral instead of azurite.

Use these stones to raise your vibration while deepening your grounding process. They are said to open you to inhabiting and expressing more of your highest potentials while not floating up and around (being flighty or ungrounded). I find this to be true.

The way I’ve programmed them, they align your chakras together, bringing back online parts and aspects of self that have been hiding from fear, shame, guilt, or wondering if they have the right to exist.

Using them day-to-day, I feel open and lighter, very positive. Over a few weeks of use, I noticed that when I held them with high-level intentions for either personal and professional development, my intentions were aligning with all of me. It felt amazing.

But then I noticed that I wasn’t always able to immediately do much about those intentions while holding and carrying the K2 — my mental self wasn’t stimulated and charged up like normal when I have a good idea or put an intention out there. At first I wondered if there was nothing happening. But after putting them down and returning to my life, I would find myself highly motivated when it came to making those intentions manifest. It was easy to follow through on making things happen after using programmed K2 for envisioning where I was headed — after I put it down. I just found myself doing the things I intended, just making them happen.

More than a few times I surprised myself as I observed myself passionately engaged in a project while entirely grounded and peaceful. I had a particular project my mind was exhausted from trying to finish (the Soul’s Journey Soundbite Database), and after stating the intention to finish it in the best way possible on the right timeline (while holding/meditating with K2), I was able to finish it with no stress a few days later. That was probably a 5-minute sort-of-meditation session wherein I connected with the energy of the crystal, considered the intention, and breathed the energy of the Earth into my body.

I didn’t have to motivate myself to finish that or a few other projects — I was simply in alignment with my intentions and did what needed to be done.


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