Moldavite-infused Quartz


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Due to real-world circumstances that have increased the price of moldavite significantly, I’m now offering pairs of small quartz points infused with this powerful healing energy. I want you to have the opportunity to learn about and benefit from moldavite’s amazing energy, but I don’t want to stock a lot of extremely expensive material.

What you are ordering here is a pair of quartz double- terminated wands that are infused with the same energy that I infuse into moldavite. They will function the same way, opening your heart and field exactly as moldavite would. Each is an inch in length or just under.

Even if you are already into moldavite and have it, this is an option that’s more suitable to carrying everywhere with you. It’s not as delicate and you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing it–these are more easily replaceable.

Below is the information on the energy of moldavite that is programmed into these quartz pieces.

For more info than is below, check out The Programmed Moldavite Manual (PDF).

When you’re ready for it, moldavite is a high-vibrating crystal of transformation.  Classified as a tektite, it was formed in the fire ball resulting from the impact of a meteorite said to have hit Earth around 14.8 million years ago.

To be clear, it is not – as some online state – pieces of that meteorite. But it definitely has some other-worldly energy to it!

I’ve worked with several pieces of different sizes for a few years. What I’ve noted during that time is that moldavite boosts the effects of whatever other crystal I’m using. Often I’ll hold it between two fingers while holding 2 or 3 other stones while I channel, do consultations, and do energy work. The boost is stark and serious, and I’ve loved using it.

Update on March 26, 2019: Moldavite has become my primary go-to crystal, and I use it most weeks all throughout the day. I use it now to channel, do energy work, and teach, and I usually have two in my pocket when I’m out and about.

A few years ago I was guided to purchase 10 pieces and energetically program them. At first I wasn’t sure if I could charge what is essentially glass, but now that I’ve got 11 I’ve infused with some serious energy, I know from holding them that moldavite can, in fact, hold a energetic charge like the other crystals and stones I offer. With these 11 pieces, I’ve meditated and let them affect my field, and I’ve felt it turning my field inside out in a good way, revealing new surface area and new notes in my consciousness. It’s been a bit profound, and I’m glad to make them available so you can see what opening and transformation is ready to unfold within you.

If you feel ready for a programmed moldavite, expect it to alter the shape of the container of your energy field, which is significant. Use it intentionally and in moderation, returning to it now and then or a few times each week. But definitely give yourself time to adjust to its effects.

New: When you buy any programmed moldavite from me, I’ll send you two channeled meditations to help you make the most of using it. One is 17 minutes, the other is 18 minutes.

A note on shipping: In the USA, $9.45 insured USPS shipping unless otherwise noted. I am not currently shipping internationally.

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