Shiva lingam small pair


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I will choose two for you. Though they are small (about 1 inch each), holding one in each hand will create a circuit through your body and the energy will be stronger. You can begin by holding one to get used to the energy.

As they are Metatron-infused, do not let them touch non-Metatron stones. (Metatron pieces from me: yellow jasper, onyx, and azurite “blueberries”.)

These stones are shaped like a lingam (representing the masculine principle) with markings that represent a yoni (representing the feminine principle). They bring into balance the two energies that constantly exist and interplay within each of us. These pieces are programmed with Archangel Metatron’s empowering, ass-kicking energies. Using a piece will stimulate creativity and lead you to be more energized while knowing/trusting when to use energy – when, how, and why to act to the right ends.

For more of my thoughts on the nature of and using these stones, listen to an mp3 recorded on the shiva lingam while I was programming/charging the first set (20 minutes). The first 3.5 minutes are an overview of recent crystal work.

On the shiva lingam from a document given to me by Manny of Raj Minerals of Carteret, NJ:
“Tantric shiva lingams,” sacred to the Hindu tradition, are ceremoniously gathered once a year from the muddy banks of the Narmada River, one of the 7 sacred places of pilgrimage in India. Of those found, very few have the characteristic patterning that make the tantric lingam so unique. They are naturally formed of a mineral called cryptocrystalline quartz, with iron oxide deposits said to have been implanted in the riverbed by a meteorite millions of years ago. Hindus worship lingams in Shiva temples as a representation of the Lord. In the tantric tradition, the shape embodies masculine energy: dynamic expression and knowledge. The markings called “yoni” depicts feminine energy: wisdom and intuition. Together, the female energy arouses the masculine urge to create. The mineral composition and the shape make the stones unique as objects for meditation. They are said to contain the loftiest vibration of all stones on Earth.

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