It’s Almost Libra, Isn’t It?

When the Sun hits Libra every year (this year it’s Monday, 9/22), the great moving spotlight on life issues is turned to relationships. But, really, to what we consider fairness and balance to be, and how good we are at establishing and maintaining boundaries.

For the next solar month, all of us will see in what ways we don’t do that well with boundaries and balance in our lives. The invitation to us is in having a willingness to see this, and to make some sort of changes for the better. In Libra, such changes revolve around simultaneously getting better at give & take and standing our ground.

Work with any sign can be put into context by understanding it as a member of an axis pair. They’re two different ways of doing the same thing, two opposing motivations for doing one thing. Libra is about defining the self in terms of another, or others, while Aries is about defining the self in terms of the self.

Aries says, “I’m me. Here I am. This is me.” Libra says, “I know who I am because I can see who you are.” Libra’s the sign of reflection, and planets and points working through its lens maintain an awareness of the other at all times…whether the other is appreciated and honored or not is another topic entirely!

Libra is also a sign of listening, as opening to hear the point of view of an other is critical to creating and maintaining balanced relationships. If there are things you’re not trying to hear about and from the people in your life, chances are this solar month you’ll have some opportunities to see it and make different choices.

Questions for any and all of us:

  • In what ways are my relationships not fair? How can I bring more balance to them? And how can I do that while honoring both of us?
  • What are my assumptions about other people, and do I give them a chance to show/tell me who they really are?
  • In what ways in my life do I not stand up for myself? Do I do that because I’m afraid of stepping on toes? Would it necessarily be about stepping on toes if I were to do it?
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