Pluto in Capricorn, The Economy & Fear

As explored in previous posts, Pluto in Capricorn requires that structures that don’t work crumble. It’s easy to feel dread as we hear the news pouring out of every media outlet that Wall Street and the entire economy is teetering on a knife’s edge.

We must remember to get and stay grounded. Absorbing the fear repeated over and ever again on the airwaves doesn’t help anyone in any way. We each have the job of seeing how the structures in our lives might not work, and the economy is a chance to see a bigger picture of this. Perhaps the structures in your life that don’t work are directly related to those larger structures, perhaps not.

Either way, the way ahead is in getting clear on just what it is that we need to do in the short term to take care of ourselves. Capricorn is a sign of doing, and while our to-do lists might seem too big to handle, take advantage of Saturn’s transit through Virgo to parse that list, prioritize, and see how to move ahead with whatever bits of it that can be done. And after that, the bigger things can get done – it’s true, it’s really true.

This strikes me as a potential lower-chakra shake-up for a lot of people. The 1st or root chakra represents our connectedness to our culture and our greater context. The 2nd represents relationship and the power of choice, and the 3rd is our personal power. If you’re seeing these active in you, or having physical manifestations in your lower torso, you’re feeling these events as a personal shake-up.

If you are, it’s time to change your perspective and move some energy in these chakras. To explore this I often recommend Carolyn Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit, what many consider the handbook for understanding the human energy system and managing one’s life with consciousness awareness.

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