A Halt to History

What is history?

This minute, over my late but delectable lunch, I’m thinking it’s the version of past events we choose to remember.

Various kinds of meaning we assign to the events determines which we choose to remember.

This happens in the obvious sense collectively – Washington cut down the cherry tree but couldn’t lie about it, threw a quarter over the Delaware and won the Revolutionary War for the fledgling nation. Et cetera. But each of us carries a history inside made up of the meaning of things that have happened to us as individuals.

It’s the meaning that we assign to what happens that’s the rub, both in any moment and karmically (related to past lives). Each of us is reliving themes from past lives because we’re not done experiencing what living them has to offer. We haven’t yet learned what we set out to learn by living them.

As we relive these themes, if we don’t learn to make new choices and react in new ways to these old themes, we get stuck in karmic ruts. Many of us do this. Most of us, in fact. It happens to you when you see a pattern in your life but don’t understand why you’re making those choices – relationships, jobs, lifestyle, anything – and you don’t choose to make a new choice.

That’s reliving history. Getting present to who you are now, what you want now, what you’re capable of now, in what direction in this moment you’d like to be steering your life, is the work of halting history.

Release is called for. Release of your ideas about what the events of your life mean. Release of your ideas about what the ways you’ve been treated by others mean. Release of the blocks in your chakras and emotional and physical bodies that keep you choosing to relive the past and unwilling to live in the present tense.

Putting a stop to history means catching up to what’s happening now. If you’re aware of the energetic shifts happening now and on their way related to the end of the Mayan Calendar, you know that releasing the old stuff and learning to live in this moment now is what you’re being asked to do. We need to be able to respond to the world around us with presence, openness, and a willingness to participate in life as it comes to us, whatever that means and however it looks. We’re being asked to give up these old ideas of who we are and experience the reality of who we are now.

It’s true that you’re shaped by your history, but you’re more than your history. You’re more than the sum of the events you’ve experienced. 

You’re spirit having a human experience, after all, aren’t you?

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