Why Talk About 2012 Now?

Tonight I realized that it might not be clear why I’m talking about this so much (and writing a natal report and hosting meditation evenings related to it). Maybe you’ve asked yourself, Isn’t it, like, 2008? Can’t he count?

So, here’s the scoop.

My understanding of the shifts in consciousness taking place on Earth now and culminating in the end of the Mayan Calendar inform all of this. I’m watching individuals all around me start to ask some big questions about their lives and what’s going on here on Earth, and this tells me that there are already many people who are choosing to respond to the shifts taking place now.

Given the way we’ve lived, how we as individuals have learned about life from the groups we’re part of, many on Earth simply don’t have the tools to adjust appropriately. It’s the consciousness equivalent of finding one’s self challenged to learn how to use a new stone tool that was just invented, before most of us monkeys knew such things existed. You’re holding the chipped rock thingie in your hand, looking at it, unsure how to use it. And yet as soon as you do, your entire existence will change for the better going forward. And we’re about to see that we’re on the verge of new ways of perceiving, thinking and living, all because of new tools at our disposal we’re mostly not sure what to do with.

Specifically, the changes these days can influence individuals in psychic or intuitive openings, or in no longer being able to deny the psychic or intuitive skills they’ve always had. And in some, a wake-up call to release certain relationships and alter lifestyle, diet or choice of work and hobbies for reasons that may be less than clear.

We’re also getting to see in what ways we might learn to take more responsibility for our lives, no longer expecting others to rush in and take care of this or that. Many of us have unprocessed childhood residues that – and this is the key – we can only now begin to address. This is the central idea to the work I’m developing on the archetype of Chiron, given that its 31 years in our consciousness (the body was discovered 1977) represents a collective infancy of conceiving of and relating to this energy. Of course, some individuals have grasped the bigger picture about Chiron (and some of them are astrologers and have written wonderful work on it), but the majority of us are on the cusp of being able to mature our conception of the nature and point of suffering and pain.

Healing our Chiron issues, which originate in any given life as a wounding event in infancy (some kind of rejection or threat of the withdrawal of love from parents or other primary caregivers), calls for taking responsibility for ourselves in new ways.

Again, these tools exist and it’s time to spread the word, to provide the information to as many people are interested and are ready to take responsibility for living in the present tense on Earth over the next few years.

So, um, yeah dude, but why now?

Many people will find themselves wanting to develop into some form of leader for this global transition. These are people who are sensitive to the changes in some way and desire to serve the whole, the rest of us and the planet, in some way. I’m offering this work so that anyone who wants to get themselves caught up to the present moment personally, to be able to support others in doing the same in whatever way happens to suit them, can do so.

Many of us also have a deep well of emotional and other debris to process and release. Those who adjust well to these global changes will learn to release their junk, and this includes past-life junk. We’re talking about layers from this life and others, and the more intention and attention we give the process, the smoother it can go.

Also, and this one’s extremely important: The more solid you get now about grounding and clearing yourself of old stuff and what doesn’t belong to you, the less you will be tempted to respond to and join in the fear that’s ramping up on Earth now about all sorts of things. Pluto’s recent ingress into Capricorn has begun turning existing governmental and financial realities on their heads, it can seem as if there are more reasons than ever to be afraid, to give in to fear. And we on some level can sense some big change is coming, and it’s much easier to give in to fear of what might happen, instead of focusing on what it is that can be done now to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves.

No matter what you want out of life, fear will not get you where you want to go. Yet we each must train ourselves to tune into and generate the opposite of fear, love, and learn to resist the panic and near-panic that fills our surroundings when anything out of the ordinary transpires. Learning to say “no thank you” to the gifts of fear that most media outlets and those who consume them offer takes attention, intention, and time. Each person can be trained to do so. All it takes is the interest and willingness to choose some different behaviors and ways of being in the interest of deeper self-knowledge, honesty and self-care.

This is far from the last word on this stuff from me. Check back here for much more as things on Earth get more and more interesting!

If you’re in the LA area, come to the meditation evening I’m hosting about every other Sunday evening. Full details in my website calendar.

Tom is available for private consultations that include karmic astrology and mediumship/Spirit Guide work. He offers two original natal reports, one on the true Black Moon Lilith and one on how to prepare yourself for the shifts in consciousness happening now on Earth culminating at the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, “Living in the Present Tense,” using Pluto, Chiron, Lilith and Lucifer. See his website for more info and to book a session.