Lucifer in Pisces (April 11th 2008 – January 12th 2009)

Lucifer’s present transit through Pisces, the sign of surrender, asks us to shift our sense of ego to serve the greater whole by surrendering. Letting go.

Asteroid 1930 has been in Pisces since April 11, 2008 and will remain here until early January 2009. That’s a long time for an asteroid with a 4-year orbit to spend in one sign. Its retro cycle in Pisces was from July 28 – October 29.

The Lucifer archetype in general has to do with the choice to serve or not serve what we know is good. Each of us has what I call an “internal goodness barometer.” There’s no single definition of goodness, so we’re talking about what you define as good (forget the stuff about the devil for now!). I can offer that if you’re up to something and you’re fearful and your heart is closing, you’re doing something other than what you know is good. But it’s for you to decide; there’s no valid external standard from the spiritual standpoint (socially speaking we have laws, however!).

Transits of Lucifer for the collective have to do with lingering questions of aligning ourselves with the greater whole surrounding us. Lucifer wants to serve, yet can be conflicted by the knowledge that he also has free will; he can choose not to serve and, even, to be destructive. Part of the Earth ride as a human includes the exploration of free will, and each of us can choose whatever we like.

Transiting Pisces, the collective invitation is to surrender to the flow of what’s happening around us. One way to look at this is that we’re being asked to surrender to our desire to serve a greater whole, as Lucifer’s story is one of devoted service followed by rebellion in the spirit of service. (This is explained in detail in a Lucifer workshop recording I offer via my site, link below.)

What surrender have you been putting off? What thing bigger than you are you trying not to open to?

Whatever it is, know that the archetypal journey of Lucifer has him “returning to the fold.” We each desire to be aligned and supportive of something greater than us, it’s just part of the human story. How that unfolds does tend to involve the exploration of the right use, size and place of ego in our lives.

We may perceive that we’re separate from Source, and Lucifer’s journey is to balance the reality of the perception of being an individual while remembering that he’s connected to the greater whole.

And it’s a long time in Pisces, isn’t it? Many more chances than usual, including the entire retro cycle in the sign of the fishes, to finally open to merge with that greater thing. Look at any resistance you might have as indication of your perception of an impending loss of individuality.

It’s not real. You’re not separate from Source.

You just get to choose when and how you admit you’re still part of it.

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