Mercury Retrograde in Libra

A client gives me the birth data of her business partner – Nov. 2006, is the day/month/year part.

The wireless card in my laptop stops working. A tech savvy friend helps me find a workaround. The wireless card keeps overriding the workaround.

I’m moving to another city and changing my mind on details just about every day.

It’s another Mercury retro, folks. All things Mercurial (left brains, hands, ears and mouths, mostly) are working differently. From our perspective, messed up. But differently.

Have patience over the next few weeks. Expect delays, changes of plan and people changing the story/going back on what they say. The planning and executing function of the brain is a little pretzeled right now. So have patience and plan extra time, let go of your need to control circumstances large and small.

This one’s started in Libra. The communication and planning snafus will likely center in all of your relationships. Fairness and balance are the real issues behind the apparent issues you’re going to see. In Libra, we have to learn to listen, and also take responsibility for being heard. You might find yourself having an issue with someone and one of these two Libran lessons could be the source behind it.

Take time to work through it – and go back to those others and seek clarity together. What are you missing? Is there something you didn’t hear but think you did? Is there something you’d rather have heard, and the plan as it’s unfolding now seems to stink because it wasn’t actually said? Check in with yourself and your people and get to the bottom of what between the lines is screaming to be heard.

Libra is about learning fairness, harmony and balance, and this Mercury retro’s an opportunity to hear/read/think between the lines. Find out in what ways you can make the next three-ish weeks smooth themselves over by listening with more intention to actually hear what the other is saying (and perhaps what he or she is not saying – that he or she has no idea needs to be said) and with a firm & grounded intention to say what you really need to hear. If you’re hearing between other people’s lines, they’re hearing between yours, too – think of the Libran co-operative possibilities for getting on the same page…