Living in the Present Tense: The Antidote to Fantasy

“Living in the Present Tense” is what I call my approach to adjusting to the energetic shifts taking place now on the planet that will culminate at the end of the Mayan Calendar. In whatever ways you’re reliving your past (emotional wounding from the past you’re still carrying and using to construct the circumstances of your life), or whatever cloud your head is in (living in some fantasy), you need to get present to what’s happening here and now to successfully navigate these changes.

There’s no scorecard, no judges on the sidelines or in boxy marble thrones waiting to hand you red cards or demerits. There’s no perfect score. It’s all about your willingness to be aware of what’s really happening in your life. If you’re willing to be aware, then either tools to gain a present-tense sort of perspective will appear magically in front of you, or people will appear bearing such tools to offer you the opportunity to learn them to support yourself in your evolution. My “Living in the Present Tense” natal report is one such tool to help you look at your history.

I woke up this morning seemingly in mid-thought about romance novels and movies. That they’re 4th chakra/heart porn. I remembered seeing some romantic comedy the other night, one crafted to pull on my heart strings of hope and, of course, not failing to deliver the kind of wonderful ending we seem to want. Beautiful people saying witty things, and running off together in the end after miscommunications and misunderstandings galore.

There’s nothing wrong with fantasy if we use it to support ourselves in our journeys – imagination is a really important part of who we are. But if we let real-world circumstance (and its promise of repeated pain) fall away so we can stay in a fantasy because we feel safer that way…well, we’re not living in the present tense, are we?

I started thinking about porn through the chakras, and am offering it here in case it’s helpful for you. Most are presented in terms of literary and film genres, as that’s where we consume most of the fodder of fantasy.

1st chakra: Historical dramas, sweeping historical dramas, sweeping historical epic dramas, stories of families spanning generations

2nd chakra: What we usually think of as porn (filmed sex), beach reads/chick lit

3rd chakra: Hero/heroine stories, super hero stories

4th chakra: Romance novels

5th chakra: food porn, social activism stories, political debate & commentary porn

6th chakra: food porn, sex porn

7th chakra: Divine love porn (think “Highway To Heaven” & “Touched by an Angel”)

Strange thinking of “Highway To Heaven” as porn, right? But what is porn? I’m working with this, from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary: The depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction. Be realistic about what happened in you if you ever watched that show. Probably either trying to block it out or feeling your compassion buttons being hit like mosquitoes in August.

What I’m saying is that if you’re watching more food television than cooking, reading more romance novels than playing with/dating/being involved with other people, watching film of sex more than you’re having it, or are more comfortable with entertainment-ized stories of your people than actually being around your family, it’s time to snap out of it.

Living in the present tense means being in your body and in your heart, in all of you, with openness. Open eyes see what’s really happening. Open hearts feel what’s really happening. Being open to receiving the communication your body is always sending you connects you to your heart and is how you can get your entire being on the same page, the ultimate goal of this approach. Yet when we’re in our bodies, we feel what’s going on with them. When we’re in our hearts, we feel the accumulation of painful memories from the past, including past lives, residing there and who wants to relive that stuff? But by not looking at and feeling them, we can’t work through them. For almost two years I’ve been channeling information about ways to do this using people’s natal charts as starting points, and if you think it’s time for you to start working though your history, give me a call to set up a consultation.

Part of coming to the present tense is about unplugging from media – radio, television, movies, printed sources. Clarity belongs to the 6th chakra, and you are not clear about you if your head is filled with images that people selling you things want you to be filled with. It can be difficult to change patterns, even for folks who consider themselves evolved, but it’s what has to happen to get present. Whatever’s really happening with you – start there. You have to in order to get where you want to go, no matter where that is.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson, AZ focused on teaching people to prepare themselves for the energetic shifts taking place on the planet. See his site at