Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron, 21-24 Aquarius

Whatever it is, they’re still at it. (Check here for links to two articles I wrote earlier in the year on this transiting trio.)

“Whatever it is” happens to be whatever you’ll let them do to/be for/show you.

There’s an alternative stream of information coming at you – are you letting it in? Are you letting yourself hear the inner voice? Are you trusting that what it’s saying, whether something new or something old but louder, can lead you to good places?

Maybe you’re being asked by that inner voice to spend more time alone. Maybe it’s to alter the fuel you consume or speak up within your relationships, come what may.

Or maybe it’s about cleaning up something from the past in order to live more fully in the here and now.

Whatever it is, re-orienting to reality in the present moment requires allowing and trusting information coming from inside that is not coming from your mind. Your brain is a great tool, yet this stellium about faith/belief, sensitivity/emotional alchemy and vision/surrender is trying to give you some new homework to help you in your evolution.

And it’s all about evolution. Which is to say change.  Which is why we’re having this human experience in the first place – to learn about being here, but to learn about the possibilities of change and in what ways we not just have free will, but can change our realities by altering what we consider reality to be. That’s the game right now, anyway, as we continue toward the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Even if this stellium isn’t hitting anything particular in your chart, you’ve got the invitation to open to new sources of information to learn more about yourself and your place in the world.

Are you willing to trust it?

Mine has a couple of sides to it. One I’ll share is that I’ve begun offering journeying circles at a shamanic studies group in Tucson. I felt called to do it, but didn’t want to drum – no reason, just didn’t want to drum. What emerged was that the non-profit which with the group is associated was gifted with a crystal singing bowl a few months ago, and it was brought out as an alternative for me to lead circles.

My training in shamanism has been informal – via my guides. They’ve helped me remember the attitudes and skills I developed in other lives. Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron are conjunct my 5th house Eros and trining my 1st house Uranus-Mars conjunction in Libra, and my trust in being nudged to lead circles has opened a space for some leadership I can offer the shamanic studies group – incorporating astrology into their studies. It’s absent, which is to me glaring (shamans in every culture around the world have a finger on the cosmic pulse), so the circles I’m leading revolve around a theme chosen from current transits (tonight’s is Mars in Leo, all about creativity – since it’s there extra long this time) and educating attendees about the basics of reading the sky.

If when the idea came up but I let my (nonsensical-seeming) aversion to drumming squelch it, I wouldn’t have gotten to the place from which I can offer a unique educational experience to members of the group, an experience that serves me on multiple levels as well as those open to exploring the new information I’m bringing. And the experience of playing the singing bowl is fantastic for me, one of the first things that’s helped with grounding after moving to a new place a few months ago. And that trance-like sound has inspired me to play with sampling and editing audio on my computer at home, which brings a ton of joy to me.

The invitations some experience will be a little more or less dramatic; there’s no set format. Where you are in your evolution will determine what opporunity is best for you to stretch into by trusting new or new sources of information.

What do you suspect you’re being asked to do?

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson, AZ. He can be contacted via his website, https://tdjacobs.com.