New Moon at 24 Sagittarius, 16Dec09

December 16, 2009, 5:02 AM MST.

New Moons are for new beginnings, with something being born from the darkness. Each month, there’s an opportunity for renewal and new seeds to be planted.

Sagittarius is the lens of the zodiac about expansion, developing faith, and trusting our intuition. When we Sagittarius, we seek the/a/some truth via new experience. It can involve journeys over long distances, whether they’re through space-time or inward – outer and inner landscapes are the grounds for such journeys. In this part of the zodiac, the truth(s) we find are those we either can’t articulate or those that, once articulated, we can’t explain or rationalize.

Answers to Sagittarian questions often center on or lead us to belief. The end goal of this sign is to pick something that feels worth believing in, and then going with that. Running with that. We can trip ourselves up in this mode when we become rigid in our beliefs, crossing the line into dogmatism and even fanaticism.

The new moon here is an opportunity to either reset something about our existing beliefs, or allow ourselves to have more faith in ourselves…or both.

The house 24 Sagittarius falls in in your chart will tell you more about the opportunity for you, whether you’re being asked to reset something or generate some new faith.

1st: Self, body, personality, appearance, making decisions, doing, initiating understanding yourself as a leader

2nd: Values, resources/money/how we support ourselves, what we can do, what we think is worth doing, self-worth, self-confidence, proving ourselves to ourselves

3rd: Perception, communication, information in & out, curiosity, exploration, writing, teaching, learning

4th: Our inner world, who we are when no one’s around, family, home, our relationship to personal and family history

5th: Creativity, personal expression, play, sexuality, shining, fun things, our relationship with our playful/spontaneous sides

6th: Duty, service, responsibility, how things get done, humility, where/when we ask for help

7th: Relationships, what we think fairness is, give and take, listening to others/being heard, dealing with equals

8th: Intimacy, honesty, revealing our true selves to others, letting other people into our inner circles, relationships requiring deep trust, sexual intimacy/bonding

9th: Intuitive mind, where we find truth, gut instinct, far-off places (internal as well as external), overarching principles/the whys of our choices and beliefs

10th: Work, achievement, status, who we are in the world (outside home), how we want to appear and be seen in our community, society, or world

11th: Groups we ally with, those we associate with, what we want the future to look like and those we need to find and work with to make it happen

12th: Surrender to something outside ourselves, mysticism, getting lost in creativity or spirituality or meditation

The square to the new moon from Uranus in Pisces asks us to let our vision of ourselves and where we’re headed to be influenced by new and strange things we’ve never considered, perhaps coming out of left field and dressed in a bright orange and green clown suit with antennae on its head.

The opposition to Lucifer in Gemini tells us to let the voice of doubt chime in when it needs to (oppositions shed light and we can gain perspective), but invite it to chill out while you experience what’s here for you during the new moon. Lucifer in Gemini encourages us to doubt that we’ve gathered enough information to make the right decisions for ourselves. We can all let that mental part of us keep us from experiencing, going in circles of doubt about shoulds and coulds, circling that doesn’t lead us to trust ourselves more.

The ruler of this new moon is Jupiter, and it’s in Aquarius conjunct Chiron and Neptune (see here for two articles about this stellium and what it’s asking us to do), opposing Mars in Leo. The stellium is about being challenged to give in to ourselves on deep levels, trusting ourselves to know what’s right for us. The opposition to Mars in Leo is for seeing via active creativity/impulsivity and/or creative/impulsive action those invitations to trust ourselves – how we might try to do more than allow.

This Earth game is all about change…if we let it. The human trip we’re each on is about learning what it is to be alive in bodies like these in time-spaces like these. We’re all evolving no matter what do/think/say, so why not let it happen?

Remember that new moons are about something emerging from the dark. To be able to let it emerge, we have to allow ourselves time and space to experience it. It’s not something we manufacture or choose, or even identify with our conscious minds. Set aside some time to allow the message for you about this new moon to come through, and don’t force it…don’t try to do anything about it but let it make itself apparent from the inside out.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson. Visit his site at