New Moon Solar Eclipse at 25 Capricorn, 14-15Jan10

Capricorn isn’t only about sacrifice and drudgery. Sometimes, it’s about warming up to sacrifice and drudgery.

That’s a joke. So maybe we could say it’s about opening to the benefits that sacrifice and drudgery can bring.

12:11 AM, 1/15/10 MST.

Look at the house in which 25 Capricorn falls in your chart, as this is where something new is ready to take shape. For something to begin with Capricorn, realism and structure must be the foundation. It’s in this sign that we design and execute plans, we plot and scheme about big things that will take a long time to accomplish. We challenge ourselves to plan big and then rise to the occasion by commitment, by applying our noses to grindstones and learning to give up non-essentials in order to achieve concrete goals. Non-essentials can include “yeah, buts” and daydreaming and anything else that doesn’t further the goals.

Venus is tightly conjunct the new moon, so values and balance/harmony/justice have something to do with the new thing. The values side of Venus is about what you think is important – worth learning, worth doing. This is your money and how you earn and spend it, how you decide where your energy is going to go, and outside of money, how much you value yourself.

The harmony side of it is of course about your relationships, but really about what kind of shingle you have out; what you announce energetically you’re available for when it comes to other people. With Saturn transiting Libra, Venus’ being so close to the new moon in Capricorn can’t be coincidence, can it?

A solar eclipse blocks some part of the Sun, so the lunar influence is more apparent than usual. We live with each in some sort of balance, and eclipses let one be heard a little louder than the other. Instinct over reason, feeling over logic, heart over brain – these are key phrases for a solar eclipse. Your job will be to acknowledge your feelings during and surrounding the eclipse.

Look at the house in which the new moon falls to set something new in motion that leads you to redefining some corner of your inner values dialogue, a redefining based in instinct, feeling, and/or heart. Some possible situations include: A dose of emotional realism about a way forward, such realism from other people who seem to just happen to drop in with some shiny nugget of info. A check-in with yourself about how/whether all of your work brings you happiness…and if not, what can be done now to alter later outcomes. A restructuring of current financial flow to begin working or saving toward a future goal that will support, underline or create happiness. Or perhaps sobering up about the money or people in your life, and figuring out how to restructure how you earn money and refile where certain people are to be, going forward.

Whatever that Capricornian sobriety is, let it begin a trend. Plant a seed within you you’ll commit to watering and nurturing (and then actually do it!), and you’ll get something interesting from this new moon.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson, AZ. In addition to private sessions, he tutors people in karmic astrology and also mentors/coaches people in intuitive skills development. Read more at