Recently, I was in a group of about ten healers of various kinds, and someone said, “Talking to dead people – that’s a gift I’d never want to have!”

It got me thinking because that’s a gift I do have. My experiences as a medium have been some of the most profound of my life, as the opportunity to assist people and spirits through mediumship has such wide-reaching ramifications.

The more peace we have about death, the more able we are to live freely and fully. The more alive we can let ourselves be. Everyone knows people who have died, and everyone knows that they themselves will die. It’s a thing we have in common, and the feelings surrounding it run deep.

For the living, a medium can do several things. The first, the obvious, is to provide contact from those who have passed away. This can support the grieving process in significant ways, opening the door for the living to let go of those who have passed. A medium can also help the living make peace with the process of life and death, and the spaces between. It’s also possible to learn and explain to survivors why the person died when he or she did, and some major elements of the purpose of that life, all of which supports greater understanding and the process of grieving. A medium can also help the living and the dead resolve any unfinished business from when they were both alive. The dead can have a bird’s eye view on why they chose what they did, and there’s a wealth of healing possible when that perspective is brought through.

For the not living, a medium can help those who don’t know that they’ve passed away acclimate to the reality of their situation and prepare to move on to their next stage. “Spiritual counseling” comes into play to help those attached to worldly things, people, situations and outcomes to recognize their situations and release attachments. “Spirit Rescue” or “Spirit Release” are the terms for helping these souls pass into “the light,” their next phase.

My experiences fit all along the spectrum, from helping confused spirits realize that they’re dead and helping them release attachments and move on, to working with spirits who have crossed over yet come back to guide their loved ones, to holding back the spirit of a serial killer so some fellow mediums could help the spirits of his victims cross (he’d been intimidating them, making them think they couldn’t go). It’s been a trip, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I had a dream-meeting a few years ago in which I was told my work on Earth is release. Mediumship has allowed me to participate in a few kinds of release, and among the skills and tools I’ve been taught to use, it’s the one that keeps me the most humble, the most aware of the bigger picture we share together and live as individuals.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel offering private astrological and spiritual counseling, as well as mediumship services. In addition, he trains people in intuitive skills development (setting the stage for mediumship and channeling). His course “Seeing With Spiritual Eyes”  – intuitive skills development – begins 2/24 via telephone. Contact Tom via his site,