Looking to Astrology for Answers

Why do some people seem born with anger?

Why are some people homosexual?

Why are some people so prone to being traumatized by situations that others don’t even notice?

Why are some people allergic to seemingly everything, while others allergic to nothing?

Why do some people not want to have to have a body, and others not want to live?

Some of these we might think have to do with genetics, but the real source is energy. The families into which we get ourselves born fit with our karmic journeys, so in an important way, “ancestral” is more accurate than “genetic.”

Astrology is a symbolic language, but symbolic of what?

When we look at Saturn and assume father, boss, or judge, we’re in actuality making an assumption about Saturn that limits our understanding of it. Looking at Saturn as representing the energy of discipline, maturity, and authority gets us closer to using astrology to answer most questions about ourselves that can come up.

Astrology is a language of energy.

The light of the Sun reflects off the planets, asteroids, and stars, and when we’re born we get an energetic imprint of the reflection of the moment – an imprint of one kind or another, depending on the journey of our souls.

Looking at a birth chart as telling of the arrangement of the energies in our non-physical bodies, those that come in and get attached to our physical bodies when we are born, is what enables us to answer questions like the ones above.

The arrangements of energy have to do with the intentions and desires of our souls – what our souls are intending to experience and perhaps accomplish while incarnated, while doing this human dance. A chart is a snapshot in the multi-life journey of a soul. It shows one chapter in a greater arc of experience.

When this is grasped and your astrological vocabulary opens to the possibilities of how energy can manifest, the doors to understanding fly open. Your ability to use astrology to support yourself and others in growth and healing deepens, and at the same time, gets much more efficient, allowing you to quickly zoom in on the sources of any and all issues.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel offering private astrological and spiritual counseling, as well as mediumship services and astrological tutoring. In addition, he trains people in intuitive skills development (setting the stage for mediumship and channeling). His course “Seeing With Spiritual Eyes”  – intuitive skills development – begins 2/24 via telephone. Contact Tom via his site, https://tdjacobs.com.