Profile: Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan was a noted feminist/equal rights activist, one of the founders of the National Organization of Women and its first president. It’s her birthday today, and as usual I’ve been trawling the birthday rolls looking for folks who catch my eye.

Given my work with the true Black Moon Lilith and my Pluto in Libra in the 12th house (I’m attuned to issues surrounding equality), maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that she did catch my eye. But I had no idea what was up in her chart until tonight.

February 4 1921, 4:00 AM, Peoria IL (rated AA)

First thing that jumps out is the true Black Moon Lilith in the 1st house, conjunct her Capricorn Moon and Eros. In the 1st, she’s carrying the energy of Lilith with her, in her person, in her body. Conjunct her Moon, her happiness would have rested on her capacity to honor her true nature, and to learn a willingness to stand up for herself. We know she did this, and in the process became an iconic leader in the feminist movement.

Second thing is the South Node, in Taurus in the 4th house. Her various lives have to do with being defined by who she is in her family or at home (4th house), and there’s conservative stuff (Taurus) happening there. The North Node in Scorpio/10th is about developing a place for herself in the public sphere through which she can develop and express intensity, and have a transformative effect on the society or culture in which she lives.

But the third thing, the real juice for me in her karmic story, is the asteroid Arjunsuri (20300) in Aquarius/2nd house, square the nodal axis. Arjunsuri is about our relationship with our conscience. To whom we go to get answers to the biggest questions. Ideally, we evolve into trusting our conscience and behaving according to what we know is integrity, letting go of others’ opinions of us and what we should do.

Aquarius speaks to a disconnect or separation, and the 2nd house is about our self-worth. Putting this all together, committing to her own value system and then running with it (no matter how different it was from the status quo) was critical to her karmic growth. This configuration speaks of doubting the self, or the reasons one has for doing things. A square to the nodes is an unresolved issue. We know how to use the energy in question but we’ve gotten ourselves in trouble with it. We need to learn something new about it in order to move ahead.

In her case, developing a course of her own making and staying with it, no matter the conservatism she might encounter, was key. As I read an online bio of her, I got the sense that in other lives, she might look at the powerful conservative majority around her and yield her desire to live according to what’s truly important to her. When we’re defined by the people we come from and who we are at home (4th house South Node), it’s hard to break away. We’ve been ingrained that we are who we are because of the people who came before us. Sometimes we’ve been trained to believe that we can’t break away from family and history and survive.

Friedan definitely made a Scorpionic place for herself in the public sphere, and in the process had a profound effect.

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