New Moon at 25 Pisces

It’s imminent at 25 Pisces. I’m in the middle of writing but am causing myself to take a break to write a little something out.

Pisces is the energy of surrender. If we trust in greater things (the right greater things) then surrender can be an amazing experience. We can connect to the flow of reality happening around us, thereby connecting with the energy of the universe, cosmos, or [insert your word for divnity here].

Pisces asks us to let go of our perceived need to control things and just trust life already. New moons are for feeling into something in order to let it be born out of our own personal dark, our own little personal midnights. Whatever we are feeling and doing (energizing and creating) become seeds for the coming month. What are you beginning? Are you trusting? Here’s for all you tracking where 25 Pisces is in your natal chart.

1st House: Are you trusting your body? It’s a complex set of systems that is remarkably simple in its communications to you. It has just two vocabulary words it applies to each and every situation in your life – yes and no. Trust your body that it’s working for you in your life, working to evaluate your choices and the world around you to help you get to new levels of discernment.

2nd House: Do you trust your values, what you think is important? Everything in your life is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Try on trusting your natural wiring on deeper levels.

3rd House: Do you trust your mind? Do you trust your own voice and computer mind? Can you release control over your mind and open to receive something divine?

4th House: Do you trust your own feelings and who you are when no one else is around and the lights are off? Family and home reflect this level of inner reality. Can you open to the flow of your own inner, emotive world to receive some grounded connectedness to the rest of life?

5th House: Are you trusting your creative instincts? Do you let yourself flow in the moment to create joy and manifest others to play with you in joy?

6th House: Do you trust the process of your life? Do you trust yourself to choose the right pursuits to perfect? Let go of control of the process and let yourself flow (where mine is – which is why the urge to write this I let interrupt my book writing!).

7th House: Do you trust your instincts about what’s fair? Trust that others are conspiring to help you reach your goal of evolution. Open to let them bring something wonderful to you you haven’t yet imagined.

8th House: Do you trust your instincts to trust? When you meet someone who seems worthy of your trust, do you trust yourself enough to take the situation to the next level? Your willingness to trust others is all about your willingness to trust yourself.

9th House: Do you trust your imagination? Are you willing to open to a vision of something bigger and better than you have ever imagined before?

10th House: Are you trusting of your instinct to achieve? To create something meaningful in the world that will last?

11th House: How trusting are you of your instincts in choosing goals and finding others to work with to make them happen? How much do you trust that you know where you want to go and know you can get there?

12th House: Do you trust your connection to spirit? To the whole of life? Do you feel a child of the universe? Let go of any control mechanisms in place that would serve as protection strategies – they’d be useful only if you lived in an unkind universe.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium, and channel in Tucson, AZ. He is the author of Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys and Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening. See his site for more information on his work,