Libra Full Moon, 3/29/10

7:25 PM Pacific time, 9 degrees of Libra.

Full Moons reveal. They show us something about our path or our progress along it by reflecting to us something important about how things are going. The reveal is personal and often emotional.

The Sun in Aries now is about doing and beginning things without thinking. It can seem a no-brainer that we should always think before we act, yet Aries medicine involves feeling and then trusting our instincts. Your first response is the better one when we’re talking about Aries. We all get trained to look before we leap but the trick is in looking but not in each and every case then sitting down to ponder possibilities and options until we lose our inspiration. The spark within that Aries thrives on is our momentary inspiration. It’s the fire that rises up in us in inspired moments.

Evolved Libra listens. It also takes responsibility for speaking and being heard. Many of our usual Libran methods have us feeling underserved in our relationships, though, and Libra invitations/lessons (especially with Saturn transiting Libra now) are to get inside our conceptions of fairness and harmony and learn to live together better. Libra intends that we learn to love each other more by taking in the fullness each other person is. Listening to and taking in the perspective of our others is needed for that process.

The full Moon in Libra is about recognizing the reality that our choices affect others. We’re each in store for some learning in this arena, within a few days before or after this full Moon. How will you respond? How threatened are you when others want to have a sit down to work something out?

Here’s a general outline of what to expect: You feel inspired to act with the Aries energy in play. Someone in your life says, “Hey, wait a minute, we need to discuss this.” Make sure that all opinions are heard, and locate the part of you that can see the encounter as a chance to connect in an important way, not as an automatic hindrance to what you were intending to do. Perhaps after the conversation you’ll be inspired to meet the other halfway. Perhaps after hearing the other’s view you will decide you are going to do the thing anyway, in your own time and on your own terms.

The outcome of the plan you have in mind is with this full Moon less important than how you respond to the Libran invitation to make sure all sides are heard. Letting important others in your life show you something about your plan or path you are unable to see on your own (the gift of an opposition, which a full Moon is) is a high and healthy use of the energy of this full Moon. Take all the ways that the input of others can leave you feeling threatened and put them to the side. Replace fears of criticism with an appreciation of the opportunity to learn from another.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium, and channel in Tucson, AZ. He is the author of Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys and Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening. See his site for more information on his work and to book a session,