Checking in with Lilith

The true Black Moon is in early Pisces conjunct retrograde Chiron in the first degree of the sign.

In many ways Lilith is not established in our vocabulary. Lots of us are curious and talking about her but we still seem to think that she is demonic and not much else. How many of us really want to delve into something we believe is demonic?

I retell Lilith’s story and separate out the myth we have received (that because of her demonic nature she should be feared and shunned, or abused and stomped on) from the archetype as we actually live it. Many of us, men and women, are running around living the energy and stories of Lilith. And there are some of us who know when we do so that we are not demonic.

I want more of us to get the real deal with Lilith. Check out my true Black Moon Lilith natal report if you want to know the whole story and how Lilith figures in your chart and life.

In Pisces, our connection to the wild/untamed within us and in the world around us is cultivated by surrendering to it. Lilith represents an energy we have generally not been taught to accept within ourselves and in others – if we or they cannot be controlled, the teaching goes, it’s bad and needs to be broken or forced into shape to get with the program…which is usually about control.

Pisces is the lens of the zodiac that always offers the invitation to go with the flow. It shows us how letting go of control is good for us. That Chiron is retrograding there now says that there are paths to healing through surrender and releasing (the illusion that we have any) control.

What invitation is here for you now? In Pisces it might be in your peripheral vision, making looking directly at it cause it to evaporate.

With Chiron and Lilith here, you need to feel into the moment. Feel into what you know you need to do now. It might have to do with this conjunction in Pisces, asking you to let go of your hesitancy to trust (surrender) that things are unfolding in exactly the way they are for good reason.

Saying that there is a grand plan is not the same as saying that there is such a thing as destiny – there is not. But for each of us, the unfolding plan has to do with experiencing elements of life that support our souls in learning what they signed up to learn. The true Black Moon Lilith and Chiron together in Pisces tell us that we can all let go more into the perfection of the unfolding of our individual plans.

That said, because we’re talking about energy and energy is mutable, our souls’ plans can be updated. If you don’t like something that’s going down for you right now, call me for a private session to find out what you are supposed to be learning and how you can do so and release the need for things to unfold in the way they are now.

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