Cardinal Grand Cross Predictions

Pluto in early Capricorn…square Jupiter-Uranus in early Aries.

Square Saturn in late Virgo but soon to be Libra…square Mercury-Sun in Cancer.

Want to know what will happen? Want to know about the financial markets, the ongoing drama with the Gulf oil spill? Well, all I’m prepared to predict is on the individual level.

I’m not much one for mundane astrology because we create the world around us. We create our worlds around us by the energy we are holding. What will happen with those external things? The truth is that no one knows. People have free will and then they create the world around them as reflections of the energy you are holding within you.

Are you afraid of what will happen with this Cardinal Grand Cross? Then you will create things to be afraid of.

If you decide not to be afraid of what you cannot control and will likely not touch you in important ways, then this post is for you.

Here’s what can be predicted for us on the individual level.

1. You will be challenged to change. Friction between bodies in cardinal signs

2. You will be asked to risk something big. Uranus-Jupiter in Aries square retro Pluto in Capricorn ask you to dig through who you think you are because of your history, what has happened to you before, and let it go so you can be present enough to feel what in the moment now is pretty exciting and will take you into some new way of being.

Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus-Jupiter in Aries and square that Pluto invite you to be painfully realistic about the realities of the choices in front of you as you become willing to overthrow any stodgy or tyrannical voices within you that keep you from changing for the better.

3. You will be invited to give something up in the spirit of losing something deeply entrenched that just doesn’t work for you. And has never worked. Or worked when you were 12.

Pluto retroing through Capricorn involved in this cross guarantees that it is time for each of us to revisit any inner voices that might have been adopted from others in the past that we use to create our lives now.

4. You will be invited to go with your instinct. There is something coming up for you now that says, “I’m working with a time-limited window of opportunity and I want you to jump. I want you to leap into something you’ve always wanted to do and forget all the mental constructs in place that keep you from choosing it.”

The power of choice becomes unbelievably evident with this cross. Whatever you want to create, it wants to show you why you are not doing it. Scared of change? Hesitant to be seen as what and who you truly are? How important will you let those fears continue to be?

The cross wants to you give up the idea of yourself and get on with being yourself.

Comment here and tell me this cross is manifesting in your life. What are you being asked to give up and what are you being asked to leap into?

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  1. “give up the idea of yourself and get on with being yourself”
    how very very true..
    I hope we can face the chalenges and raise up to the circumstances..

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