Saturn Heads Back Into Libra: Meeting the Other

Virgo as a way of doing things is about a lot of things including specificity, improving things, and gaining an uncompromisingly realistic view of what is going on and how it can work better. In the natural zodiac Libra follows it, with Libra being the way of doing things that works with others. At its best it understands the value of compromise and seeks to create balance and harmony, most notably with others.

The shift from Virgo to Libra always has us taking what we’ve been working on by ourselves into the realm of other people. It is where we first show others what we’ve been up to for as long as we’ve been Virgoing on whatever project or idea has been on our plates. When we hit Libra it’s also time to listen to others, to take in advice and counsel from those who might be able to help us or with whom we can join forces to achieve a goal.

As Saturn’s been transiting Virgo your attention has been put on what does and what does not work in how you do things. You’ve been working on improving things on your own, whether health, work/methods, organizational – um – “prowess”, and how it is that you serve others and the world around you. Perhaps this process lead you to a new sense of humility, bringing you able to see in what ways you are not actually perfect (because no one is; there is no such thing – major Virgo medicine, by the way) and getting clear on how and why you might want to improve certain things anyway.

Virgo is in many ways about process – how things get done and why.

Saturn is about to put your attention on taking all that you are and all that you are not into the world of others. You show to others what you’ve been up to and you get pointers for getting better at what you do.

Regarding relationships (which is most of how Libra manifests in our lives) we go from working for and serving others (Virgo) to working with others and figuring out how we can be of mutual service or benefit to others. It’s a big shift.

If Virgo medicine is in accepting there is no such thing as perfection, Libra medicine is in not just opening to the view of the other or telling others what we think, but committing to balancing those flows information in and out. It is in remembering to be flexible. It is remembering that the person we are dealing with is just like us – Libra is the sign of the other, after all.

All the time I work with clients asking about relationship issues. Many are surprised to learn that it is their responsibility to speak up within relationship. They do for others and sacrifice goals and ways of living in order to make relationships work, believing that giving up the self is the only to really make relationships work. When they don’t work they ask themselves what they are not doing, or not doing right. But if parts of them are hidden there is no chance to make a relationship work. They simply can’t when we are not being authentic and when we are not really there, when we are not fully present.

That is so second millennium, people.

Or maybe so Piscean Age.

Take Saturn’s cues during its transit in Libra to get realistic about your relationship patterns. Roll up your sleeves and flow with a back-and-forth in listening to the others in your life. Hear what they have to say and be honest about who you are. And expect others to do the same.

There is also a giant teaching in here somewhere about boundaries. We tend to think of boundaries as lines we create that others should not cross. If we look at boundaries through our spiritual eyes we can understand that all that we experience happens because it reflects energy we carry. When we adapt to the spiritual/energetic view we can see that altering our statement about what we are available for is the only true way to create boundaries. (See my book Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes for more on this.)

Saturn’s transit through Libra can serve as an extremely useful support in getting realistic about what you have made yourself available for. When you begin working with this understand that there are conscious and unconscious levels in play. If you choose to unravel what you are at present available for you will need to employ a healing modality that can access and articulate what is running in your unconscious energy field. The combo of karmic astrology and spirit guide work/channeling I do is one such modality – see my site for info on readings.

Look at what your relationships are and are about. Look at what is happening in them. Saturn in Libra will constantly reflect to you what you have been creating with other people. Saturn transits can be difficult, yes. But throw out all the super negative stuff you have heard about them and see if you can open to the challenge to get and remain real, and to withhold judgment of what you find. (Withholding judgment is a major antidote to inner Saturnian criticism.) If you do you will be able to see how to make changes to your relationships, whether in altering your behavior or expectations (or boundaries) or in editing the sort of people you choose to play with.

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, medium, and channel offering insight into why your soul is here and guidance about how to make it happen. Contact him via his site for private readings and to learn about intuitive coaching. Tom is the author of four books on metaphysics and astrology including The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel, available via his site and Amazon. Subscribe to his evolutionary astrology podcast “Unraveling Karma” to learn more about astrology and the soul.