Lilith: Channeling Anger Part II

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A very astute woman who read the first Lilith: Channeling Anger post pointed out to me tonight that as I eat raw food more consistently, it connects me with Lilith in a more positive way while it uncovers the anger I have about being told what to do and eat. I’m paraphrasing, but I see that eating this way feeds both sides of the Lilith process.

It makes sense. To get into Lilith within us, we have to deal with the raw feelings we carry of being suppressed or, in my case it sometimes also looks like being edited by others.

I have a vision of what it looks like to progress through the anger…and now am putting it into practical play. Others have done it, of course. Many others, including the astute woman. As I’ve been working on and with the Lilith myth and archetype for a few years, it’s become obvious that I would be able to finish the book about Lilith I’ve been working on for over two years only after I really process the anger.

So you get to read some installments in this blog of my progress/process.

Fun, no? Doesn’t hearing about my anger and raw feelings about suppression sound like a good time?

It’s empowering to me to articulate all this stuff, and I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback about my Lilith work to date in the form of a natal report and a book on how we live the stories of mythological figures, Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys. So my process seems to be helpful to people looking to put their fingers on who Lilith is and how we can live with her inside and around us in more conscious ways.

I’ve progressed from drawing people who are afraid of eating raw animal products (dairy and meat) offering me their fear, to people not offering fear but suggesting that eating this way might not be the best thing for me right now. That’s progress. But if I listen to what my body tells me, I eat it. If I try to go a day without raw dairy (cow milk & cheese right now), something feels off. I feel out of whack. So I eat it.

I realize that I drew the fear previously and the present suggestions not to do it because I have a knot in my energy system, some sort of pretzel configuration in my karmic field, to do with being told what to do. For various reasons I in many lives have listened to others. Many of those reasons are to make sure I fit in. In other lives, I’m rebellious and have a hard edge about ensuring that no one tells me what to do. (Look at the variations in extremes possible with the true Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius in the 2nd house, and Mars-Uranus in the 1st in Libra square the nodal axis.)

Now, I get to figure out how not to do both, but find a middle ground. To be honest but respectful of others. To live how I need to live and not burn bridges.

The raw food thing is certainly a test. Working with a healthy vision of Lilith as a model, I can learn to leave others to what they need to do as I do what I need to do. It offers an example of honoring the self without taking on the fear or judgments of others as meaningful, letting everyone have their own opinions and free to live how they see fit.

One issue that can come up for people living Lilith stories is that not everyone else does. Few do, in fact. When one person decides to go a different way in order to honor the self and that challenges the status quo, it’s common to meet resistance in the form of confusion, criticism, exasperation, or attempts from others to edit the person. Anyone who lives Lilith stories has to keep in mind that we’ve been conditioned deeply into conformist ways of thinking, many of us have, anyway. We’re taught that things that are different might not be okay and that if they are, we probably don’t want to be around them. Especially not in the form of our kids, spouses, friends, parents, or anyone else we know and have to spend time with.

When fear is encountered, let’s remember that it’s probably informed by ignorance, or said another way, a lack of education or exposure. Eating a raw primal diet is a great illustration. We’ve been taught that pasteurization is good and that raw dairy causes disease. Even a rudimentary foray into the scientific literature and case studies would shatter this, but we all buy it. When someone starts drinking whole milk as it came out of the cow, some might get nervous. But they don’t know. They’re afraid because of the conditioning we all get.

So, it’s important to meet resistance to us being Lilith with a healthy dose of compassionate understanding. To remember that the point of someone’s reaction to us as Lilith is highly likely due to their lack of exposure to something, rather than an outright attempt to squash us. It’s fear, but it’s fear of the unknown and we are in the moment of embodying Lilith, representatives of the wild. So many of us fear the wild entirely deeply – it’s time to learn to have compassion for those fearing us because we’re a little bit different than expected, a little more raw than they’re comfortable with.

As I listen to my body and eat this way, life changes in numerous ways. Because I don’t know right now know other people (in my city) who eat this way, socializing takes on a little more effort in a way. So much of our social connections have to do with food and eating. But healthy Lilith work teaches me that it doesn’t have to be a problem. If someone is offering foods I just don’t eat, there doesn’t need to be a judgment from me nor a judgment from the other person. It really can be this way, and I’ll bet you’ve experienced this in great ways in various scenarios. But carrying anger surrounding Lilith means that there is this button waiting to be pressed about suppression and editing, with judgment right in there.

So let’s work on this anger. Let’s remember that what we see in others when they are uncomfortable with us is that their buttons surrounding appropriate conditioning and behavior are being pushed. Let’s figure out how to transform the meeting of us as Lilith and others as afraid of her into a positive encounter.

Stay tuned.

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