Uranus into Aries III: Rising up on Hind Legs

Part I, a general look at Uranus’ ingress to Pisces, is here.
Part II, a contrast between Uranus in Pisces and Uranus in Aries, is here.

Today is Part III, on this really cool effect I’ve been observing in others and in myself since Uranus hit Aries. Being someone really Marsy and really Uranian (the planets are conjunct in my 1st house), I figured it might be just me in my circles feeling this urge to put an end to perceived and real oppression by rising up on my hind legs and speaking up for myself.

But it wasn’t just me. A number of people in my sphere have suddenly decided and – here’s the thing – found the courage to start standing up for themselves in new ways. Now, these are not people who are pushovers. But they might be people who tend toward not rocking boats they find themselves in, and they might be people who are willing to give others the benefit of the doubt when it comes to certain aspects of various sorts of relationships.

And then this ingress pumped some sort of electroshock insights into them re how they’ve been being flexible to the point of way too much compromise, a level that is now clearly not acceptable. Just clearly, simply, and amazingly unacceptable. The result has been pretty quick course corrections for how some interactions go in their lives. This can also apply to real and perceived threats from others – re being bullied or feeling bullied – but in the main I have been observing people dealing with their own behaviors that make them feel not free.

A layer of this to consider is directed toward those who have in their birth charts Uranus in opposition to Chiron. On my site you can find an MP3 (scroll down a bit to find “The Uranus-Chiron Opposition (1951-1991)” listing) that goes into each archetype in detail before mapping the opposition all the way around the wheel in the houses. Almost all people born during those four decades have this opposition, so it affects a big chunk of the population.

Briefly here I’ll say that the Uranian impulse for these people in general can be held in check by their awareness of the effects of their actions on other people (opposing Chiron). Transiting Uranus hitting Aries recently would be enough for some of these people to catch themselves in their patterns within relationships of all kinds and begin to put a stop to whatever nonsense they generate and all of the nonsense they have always been willing to put up with from others. These people have a heightened capacity natally to feel what is going on energetically/emotionally with others, and some of them will have been choosing to limit how much they do Uranus so they don’t hurt others.

Speaking for myself, I have a lot of Libra in my chart including the Mars-Uranus in the 1st house. And Chiron in the 7th opposes that Uranus, so I go about my business (um, most of the time) trying not to rock the boats in which I find myself. But sometimes I find myself triggered and need to change a pattern or put a stop to someone’s something (read: nonsense) in my life that I’ve been willing to experience. The effect feels like this bear inside me rising up on his hind legs in self-defense, hence the title of this post. The Uranus effect includes a water-behind-the-dam effect, and when a person has in a Uranian way had enough, it is totally and completely and forever done with – a la the reaction you can imagine from a bear who’s had enough. The dam can burst and lords help whatever little innocent villagers happen to be downstream in the picaresque, pastoral valley blithely churning their butter and whatnot.

If you are finding yourself (or observing others) rising up on your hind legs in order to react strongly against some perceived or real nonsense or threat, know that no one has to come out swinging. What you are stressed about and angry with is yourself for having put up with something so obviously and clearly undesirable, inappropriate, unproductive, wasteful, or unhealthy for so long. You’re not mad at the person standing in front of you, no matter what perceived or real nonsense might be floating off that person in your direction.

Once the Uranian urge to free the self or end an unwanted pattern or dynamic is felt, realize – choose to remember – that the past is done. It’s over. You can’t change it no matter how angry you get at others or yourself for having created or lived it. Uranus always wants, and especially now in Aries, you to be in the present moment so you can move ahead. What could be going hand in hand with the sudden sense of “moving on from nonsense” in you is an ability to see clearly how to just let it go and leave it behind. This would be a great way to flow with this energy. It does happen that humans become habituated to habit patterns, but this transit – especially as its ingress is so recent and so many humans alive have the opposition to Chiron in their birth charts – will help you get present and do what you need to do right now.

Then your job is to look at other patterns that annoy you that might/could possibly be the next inspiration to rise up on your hind legs. Take stock of them and why you were willing to experience them. And then be willing to let them go without unnecessary paw swinging.

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