Uranus into Aries II: The Contrast with Pisces

After the first post on Uranus’ entrance to Aries the other day, a reader asked me to contrast it with Uranus in Pisces – so here we are.

The thing that Uranus is trying to get done is always the same. Creating freedom, finding elbow room, breaking out of constricting or boring scenarios – all of this is what the planet urges and triggers us to do. The difference between its time in different signs is that the methods and motivations differ by sign.

Pisces is the sign of surrender, of going with the flow. Sometimes a planet working through the lens of Pisces seeks to lose its sense of individuality in order to merge with what is sensed around it. Other times it seeks to find a wave to ride and will let go once it finds that wave. So it is not always without action – sometimes there is conscious and purposeful intent on what flow and surrender look like and choices to create or find it are made.

Uranus’ time in Pisces the last eight or so years could have us inspired to create freedom by surrendering egoic attachments. It would have shown us that our egoic senses of self are limited in certain ways, and it would have occurred to us to pursue various forms of spiritual work or mystical work, or inspired creativity, to feel free.

Think about what you were doing in early 2003. Did it occur to you that the path ahead of you would require you to give something up? Was it clear to you that something mystical or metaphysical (or other unseen, unquantifiable, unprovable thing) was a tool you needed to learn to use? Did you start meditating then?

For me, it was the beginning of a process that lead me to being a medium and channel, a very Piscean profession. Now I am in the channeling mode/state most of each day, and I think back to 2003. It was a few weeks after Uranus’ entrance to Pisces in fact that I knew in my gut that I was moving from Cambridge, MA to Los Angeles, just knew it, where I ended up experiencing the beginnings of what could be called a psychic opening.

In other words, I liberated myself (Uranus) from boring, constrictive scenarios (read: cubicle life in an office building alphabetizing things for other people) via giving up some egoic attachment to who I was. I was freed from limiting convention by pursuing a Piscean path.

Now, that’s all great. But then Uranus goes into Aries and we all get a wake-up call. It’s just been about a week and so we can expect that the people who would have been feeling it already are heavily Uranian and/or heavily Mars-ian. I have the two planets conjunct in my first house, so I count. I’ve definitely felt the urge to spring forth bravely into self-interested action (see the first post in this series for a full explanation), and I felt it right away. I have a friend with Sun, Pluto, Uranus, and Mercury in Libra, and she felt it pretty quickly, too, and in a way very similar to how I did. An emphasis in Libra can have one in general attempting not to ruffle feathers and trying to be kind and nice and gentle, but over time that can have us becoming willing to be stepped on, so an ingress like this for a heavily Libran person could stir into action her self-defensive urge, or perhaps a new mandate: Do not tread on me, homes.

I’m planning a 3rd post to explore that impulsive reaction to real or perceived bullying or tyranny, but for now let’s further the contrast between Pisces and Aries. All the things that one might have been putting off, or putting up with, in an attempt to merge with something – or someone – while Uranus was in Pisces might have seemed tools, or perhaps tests of one’s willingness to go the extra mile in the attempt to merge. They might have seemed necessary parts of some process, in other words, given a set goal or intention to merge with something or someone. Yet the ingress of Uranus to Aries can wake a part of such a person up.

The tolerance limit for nonsense at this time needs to get reset to VERY LOW.

Look at what you are suddenly no longer willing to put up with. Not even “what you are no longer willing to experience,” which is a way I would usually tend to phrase it. No, here we’re talking about the baloney, malarkey, and bull meters getting suddenly re-calibrated to DO NOT TRY THAT CRAP ON ME AGAIN.

Pisces always ends a cycle. It is about letting go of self (ideally finding healthy, legal ways of doing that) and putting yourself in the hands of a greater force, or some force outside you that might end up being bigger and wiser than you…that you hope or have faith will turn out to be.

When a planet then enters Aries, the reins of one’s life can suddenly be grabbed up again after months or years of what is now very obviously neglect (through Piscean eyes it seemed like attempts to let a higher power take care of it but, from the perspective of Aries turns out to seem just being careless or sloppy, or lazy or cowardly). The fire within is ignited and all the baloney, malarkey, and bull that has been acceptable as part of the scenery for the Pisces part of the journey is very clearly and practically overnight diagnosed as irrelevant, unnecessary, and in need of throwing out right this minute.

Yet another contrast comes from looking at the difference between Mutable water (Pisces) – “let’s just let this fall where it may and see what happens” – to Cardinal fire – “I want what I want when I want it so get out of my way if you’re not helping”. It’s a world of difference.

Stay tuned for a 3rd entry on Uranus in Aries, on rising up on our hind legs to meet those that seem to constrict or oppress us.

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, medium, channel, author, and coach offering insight into why your soul is here and guidance about how to make it happen. Contact him via his site for private readings and to learn about intuitive coaching and the Soul Healing: Family e-course that begins April 23rd.