Announcing Soul Healing: Nourish, a New E-course to Heal Relationships With Food, Eating, and Self-care

Many of us are ready to heal our relationship with food.

As we hurtle through space-time toward the end of the Mayan Calendar, we are each challenged to heal what in our souls’ various lives has not been healed.

If we carry energy in our fields and do not heal, our emotions are affected. Many people who feel they have unhealthy relationships with food are in fact experiencing imbalances in their emotions, which are directly influenced by energies they are carrying in their fields from this life and from many other lives.

The keys to healing relationships with food have nothing to do with food and eating! The keys are in identifying and then working directly with the emotional/energetic source of the imbalance, whether from this life or another.

Beginning October 2nd for four weeks, I will lead a small group through the process of learning what they need as souls during their human lives and then learning to give it to themselves. This process naturally alters one’s relationship with food. It involves karmic healing and healing all manner of imbalances and pain from this life and others.

The e-course consists of weekly 45-minute sessions with me, weekly 60-minute group conference calls, channeled meditation MP3s, and weekly written channeled messages from the Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St Germain, and Merlin).

This is powerful work that can change your life and help you step into your next phase. It can help you get to the place where you are self-sufficient energetically and emotionally – did I mention it is powerful?!

Read the course flier with all the details here.

Contact me to register.

Tom Jacobs
Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, Channel