Karmic Profile: Charlie Sheen

From time to time I like to do karmic profiles of celebrities. Looking at anyone’s chart through the lens of karma and soul healing/growth can lead us to have more compassion for what people are experiencing as their souls seek to learn just what it means and takes to live human lives.

I do celebrity profiles to share the perspective re people whose bios we can look up. So, then, happy birthday today to Charlie Sheen. Let’s take a look at what his soul is here to learn about, and what his choices have taught his soul about what it is and means to live human lives.

September 3, 1965
10:48 PM
New York, NY
Rated A

Using my style of chart and karma analysis as explained in The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel, I look at the South Node of the Moon as indicating the kinds of environments his soul chooses to be born into and grow up within, including family. I want to comment however more on the South Node (SN) ruler, which tells us about his role in those environments in his many lives.

Sheen’s SN ruler is Jupiter, and it is in late Gemini in the 2nd house and conjunct Vesta in early Cancer. The headlines for this is that he is someone who shows up in his soul’s various lives as a Geminian sort of person devoted (Vesta) to a way of living or a value system (2nd house). In other words, he has a very clear way of doing things and has a deep sense of values, whether he lives according to them or not.

Opposing Jupiter is Moon in Sagittarius in the 8th house. This says that in these lives, he feels opposed by others, whether in family or community. This setup says that the needs of others and his need to make and follow through on commitments to others ends up blocking him. There are things he doesn’t get to do when he follows through on them, and this can leave him feeling unfulfilled and even resentful of what he himself has chosen to do. There is some juice in here re how he has experienced his three marriages, the stories of which are pretty well known. The thing to learn here is to balance the needs and expectations of others while making sure that he looks after his own needs, too – to learn to make commitments and follow through on them but never at the expense of his.

But what I really want to focus on here is his Sun-Pluto-Uranus stellium in Virgo in the 5th house. Sheen has a reputation for being a bad boy, difficult to work with, and in various ways out of control. By looking at his karmic journey and what his soul is trying to learn, I want to share with you an alternate view. I want you to see the behaviors and choices with a mind to understanding why he does what he does.

The basic soul-level intention with Pluto in the 5th house is to explore joy, pleasure, fun, and play. This is the house where we let go and see what happens next, always with a mind to explore the fun side of life. When Pluto is here, it is critical to learn this, but an individual’s deepest pain also involves 5th house living. What we see is a man we perceive might could learn some things about self-control and self-restraint when it comes to 5th house matters. But the soul needs to figure this out, and often (especially with Pluto) we need to go to extremes in order to eventually find the happy middle, the reasonable and rational expression of the thing we as souls have set out to learn.

Uranus with Pluto says that the soul intends to learn about creating freedom through joy, and the Sun there says that this soul intends to be pretty loud along the way! From a traditional angle, we can see Pluto-Uranus-Sun as about his personal need (because conjunct the Sun, the center of the personality) to be intense and to create freedom for himself. But taking the view that Pluto represents the soul’s empowerment journey, it changes things. We can see that his excesses of all kinds have to do with trying to free himself from something that isn’t that great to experience in the first place.

These three in Virgo in the 5th say that the person with this chart has a deep evolutionary need to learn to make choices and take responsibility, two keys to living Virgo energy. The generation with Pluto in Virgo all have many lives doing things they later judge themselves for, and they can on the main be very critical of self, and therefore others. And if they are criticizing others, we can know for certain that they are much worse on themselves!

Soul-level learning through Virgo with Pluto there requires taking responsibility and not doing so. It means at certain times feeling empowered to make a change for the better (the service and perfection angle of Virgo) and at other times feeling disempowered to do anything helpful or healthy in any way. Look at the people you know with Pluto in Virgo (almost all births between 1958-1971) and observe how they respond to the ideas of service, responsibility, and criticism. They are learning at the soul level through many lives of doing Virgo in positive and negative, helpful/healing and destructive ways.

Sheen is learning at the soul level about the ramifications of choices made in the 5th house. That’s it – that’s the basic setup for this life of his and all the others that his soul is living. In some lives, his soul is exploring being a teetotaler or purist, being a vegetarian, keeping his life simple and perhaps eschewing pleasure…not wearing shoes in the house – you get the idea.

This isn’t even taking into account the other aspects! Looking at his history with substances and anger and others’ difficulty with him on the job can be understood in a new light when we consider what his soul has been up to in its learning journey about how to be human. He is learning about the results of his choices as are all humans, but there is a specific angle for him of being the center of attention in this process and being the person obviously responsible for each and every choice made (Sun on Pluto; the stellium in the 5th house).

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