Moon Void of Course in Pisces until Monday Morning

The Moon is in Pisces now, Void of Course until just before 5 AM Pacific time Monday. This happens in each sign after the Moon makes its last Ptolemaic aspect (these include conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition) with another planetary body before it enters a new sign. The effect is that Moon is no longer conversing with the other planetary bodies, making for a sort of disconnect or misunderstanding of what we are feeling, sensing, and processing emotionally with everything else. It’s as though everyone’s inner self takes a minor sabbatical from the rest of the world. It lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to here, over two days.

In this case, we have a pile up in Libra right now, but Libra is a natural quincunx to Pisces (and also Mars in Leo makes the same aspect from the other side), and the quincunx is not a Ptolemaic aspect. Moon began its Void of Course period in Pisces after making the sextile with retrograde Jupiter at just under 8 degrees of Taurus just before 9 AM Pacific time today (Saturday).

When the Moon is in this state, it’s best not to begin anything new. Best not to make decisions or set in motion plans for the future. It’s best for wrapping up old business, addressing and crossing things off to-do lists, and can be useful for feeling into what is and has been happening in order to sense and process.

This is a long one at just over 22 degrees. The durations of these periods vary, and 22 degrees equals just about two full days, so that’s a lot of time to keep ourselves from moving forward.

My feeling with such a long Void of Course is that we have the opportunity to go even deeper into sensing what is going on within in order to process it. It’s not just that there are a few hours to do this, 3 or 4 or 5 at most – a period we might normally feel comfortable surrendering our dreams of progress and relaxing into processing something – but about 44.

It’s also in Pisces, which is an important variable here. This says that if you give in to the invitation to sense and feel into one thing or a few things, you have the capacity to release energy and emotion you’re carrying, and also perhaps tap into the truth behind something that’s been going on. Pisces is said to be dreamy and mystical, and as I experience Moon’s passages here, I feel invited to open. I feel gently nudged to allow something to occur by releasing my resistance, by surrendering my need to control something…or everything, since I am a very good little human!: Chock-full of notions of progress, dreams of efficiency, and crackly internal fires to get-up-and-go-already.

What do you need to process?
What has been going down in your world lately that you could really use some time to chew on and digest?
What are you in need of wrapping up?

Take a moment and sense into the answers.

If you give yourself permission to leave forward motion on the back burner until Monday morning, you could be seriously surprised about how your thought and feeling processes unfold. Most of us are if not always on the go, periodically pretty much totally on the go in bursts. We often let mind run our lives, and mind has no interest in emotional processing!

What would it be like for you to willingly hold off on your mind’s/mental self’s investment in progress?
How does that idea sound to you?

How does it feel?

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