Today’s Capricorn New Moon

A new moon a couple of days after the Winter Solstice continues the invitation to spend quiet time within. New moons are for feeling and sensing into what’s up and going down in your life, and something needs to be birthed.

Many of us feel Capricorn energy as heavy and perhaps burdensome. Culturally and historically, we have had so many examples of this energy being restrictive in negative ways and requiring sacrifice for the wrong reasons that feeling consistently good about it can be a difficult, if not impossible.

With this archetype, I’m in the habit of broadcasting the invitation for everyone to look within and ascertain if their inner Saturn selves (this planet rules Capricorn) have donned the costume of a harsh critic or judge or if it has donned that of a solid, grounded, caring, and nurturing parent-type figure.

The difference is, simply, everything.

If you feel inside yourself today and see a critical judge staring back at you, understand that you’ve adopted others’ models of how to be mature, respectable, responsible, and how to be an adult and that those were in fact the wrong models.

Forgive others for showing you the harsh side of Saturn and choose to give those ideas and attitudes back. Surrender them. Drop them. Exchange the costume this part of you is wearing for that of a parent-type figure, but one who is deeply committed to your happiness, health, and success.

What’s ready to be birthed within you re this new moon requires fostering and nurturing. Are you going to give that job to an inner part of self who can’t imagine you can do anything right? One who is always telling you you don’t quite measure up no matter what you do? Or are you going to give it to an inner part of you who is patient, kind, firm, focused on the long-term, and deeply wants you to be happy, healthy, and successful? Each of these parts within you is a side of your inner Saturn. (See my book Saturn Returns: Thinking Astrologically for tips and tricks about upgrading how your inner judge works. Use code PG9Y82E2 at checkout to get 20% off.)

The choice is clear, of course – who wants to beat themselves up and never measure up?

With Pluto in Capricorn for a handful of years, we’ve had numerous opportunities to explore how inner criticism leads to feeling powerless in our lives (See Saturn in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn and The Cardinal T-square MP3). We’ve also had plenty of chances to turn the corner on who’s in charge of us. “Who’s your daddy?” is a question Pluto is asking you so you can see where you’ve given your power away with and that the new moon in Capricorn asks you to feel into.

Note the recent protests regarding Wall Street and banks/big business and realize that we are all being asked to look with painfully realistic open eyes about to whom and why we have given away our power.

For many today, what wants and needs to be birthed is about the right sort of Capricorn attitude to use with self and others. Where are you firm with yourself and others and, more importantly, why? (Has that been shaped by past restriction and needless, heart-draining sacrifice? If so, are you willing to empower yourself by choosing structure for how you use your energy (the up side of restriction) and choosing to prioritize what to you is truly worth doing (the up side of sacrifice)?)

I invite you today to be realistic about how free you feel to be the loving sort of supportive, firm, nurturing parent figure for yourself that can ensure that all of your efforts result in more happiness, health, and success. How your inner Capricorn/Saturn self works is entirely determined by you.

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